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Angolan Pythons (Python anchietae)

    Angolan pythons are one of the rarest pythons in captivity.  These beautiful snakes come from the war torn region of Angola as well as Namibia.  Namibia doesn't allow collection of these snakes, which are regarded as their national pythons, and no one dares to enter Angolan python habitat in Angola for fear of stepping on an old landmine planted during Angolan civil war.  Angolans are available these days, thanks to the efforts of some great private breeders as well as some zoos.  We aquired our Angolans in 2006 from Chris Stewart from 2 different lines and are excited to have them in the collection.  These snakes are not just another ball python, and are very different in many ways.  They have beautiful patterns and colors, bead-like scales, and grow to a respectable size, making them unique.  We look forward to producing these beautiful and rare gems.  GET ADDICTED!
Angolan python male at Australian Addiction Reptiles
Angolan python female
Angolan Female March
Angolan python male
German line male angolan python
German line female angolan python
German line female a little older
Male is also growing nicely