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Bumblebee  Ball  Pythons

Bumblebees are a great combo between a spider and a pastel.  It seems the pastel really brings out the color and pattern in the spider to a very vivid degree.  We hatched out a male bumblebee in '06 from our nice male pastel to a beautiful spider female.  We decided to name him "Nacho Libre" because that was the movie I was watching when he hatched and his coloration is kind of like a plate of nachos.  Breeding a bumblebee to a normal female ball will result in bumblebees, spiders, pastels, and normals all hatching from the same clutch.  This is a great combo morph, and we are very excited to have such a beautiful male bee.  GET ADDICTED!
Male bumblebee ball python Closeup of bumblebee head Nacho on White
Nacho is looking as good as a bumblebee can.  He has a niced clean pattern and some cool blushing.
A Bee in the hand is better than two in the egg.  Some natural light gives Nacho a nice look.
I hope he keep his green accents on his face.  I love the blushing in his pattern!
Bumblebee ball python at Australian Addiction Reptiles
 Nacho Libre Bumblebee ball python at AAR
Close-up of our male bumblebee as a hatchling Look at the blushing in the spider pattern Full shot showing off this awesome morph