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Mojave  Ball  Pythons

Mojave ball python morphs are a "co-dominant" trait meaning that if you breed a mojave to a normal, you get mojaves and normals in the same clutch, and breeding 2 mojaves together will result in a "super" mojave.  The super mojave is a leucistic snake, which is white with a light purple head.  Mojaves have also been used to make some designer morphs that have been quite striking including the hypo mojave, yellow belly mojave, carmel albino mojave, and one of my favorites, the spider mojave.  We plan on making some designer morphs and some normal mojaves.  The key to these projects is the beutiful male pictured below that was aquired as a joint project between ourselves and our friend Lee.  While the mojaves have been slightly overshadowed by other similar morphs such as the lesser platinumns and butters, I feel they add a bold contrast with the dark pattern on the dorsal surface with the bold eyespots on the side.  They will be important for any collection and we should see some more amazing combos in the future.  For now, enjoy some pictures of this perfect example of a Mojave ball python.  GET ADDICTED!
Male mojave breeder
Mojave ball python at Australian Addiction Reptiles
Mojave sides
Mojave ball python at AAR
Great colors on this guy
Look at the blushing on the sides and the defined "aliens/bullseyes"
On black to show off his lighter colors

Some of our '06 offspring
Aberant female mojave
Male mojave ball python
Female mojave ball
This aberant female mojave ball hatched out with a lot of white in the pattern.
Like father like son.  This male mojave has a great stripe.  Sold to Bill.
This girl also has some great striping and is a great feeder.  She will be important in our producing a leucistic