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Pastel Ball Pythons
We purchased a male pastel from ASF in '04.  He was the nicest pastel (in our opinion) that Andre had available and we snatched him up quick (to the dissapointment of some of Andre's other customers).  We also aquired 4 female pastels in '05, which should make nice additions to our collection and be a big part of our morph combo projects.  All of our pastels are Graziani line, and have great blushing and nice yellow and orange colors.  Pastels are a key ingredient to many cool morphs today.  We should be producing pastels, super pastels, bumblebees, and perhaps a few others in the next couple years.  Here are a few pictures of our awesome pastels.  Get Addicted!

Awesome pastel male ball
'05 pastel female ball
female pastel close
Awesome pastel female ball
Male '04 pastel breeder Graziani line from ASF
'05 female pastel from Bradford Cole
'05 female pastel from ASF
Full body of previous female