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Piebald Ball Pythons
We got PIEDS in '05!!  Our het pair bred, and the female laid 3 eggs, so we weren't sure if we would be lucky enough to hatch out pieds, but we got TWO PIEDS!  Talk about hitting the odds.  We got 1.1 pieds, and 1.0 66% poss het pied with belly marker. 

Here is the male that we kept.  The female pied and the 66% poss het that came with them (complete with belly marker) were sold.

 Pied ball Male pied ball python Male pied 
Male pied nice white 
Male pied on a black background to show off his colors
Nice picture of our male pied.  He has some nice pattern elements.
This picture shows off his striping very nicely, as well as his white areas.
A little closer.  The white background really shows how pure white pieds are.

Piebald or pied ball pythons are the coolest ball python morph there is.  They are also becoming increasingly affordable.  We aquired a very nice pair of het pied ball pythons in 2003 from Harbour Reptiles.  The male sired 3 clutches from 3 normal females in his first breeding year.  We have kept all of the female offspring to add to our breeding stock for future pied production.  These 50% possible het pieds are beautiful and are growing like weeds.  We should have a pied or two in '05, depending on our luck and how many eggs we get from our het pied female.  I can't wait to hatch out our first pied!  Below are pictures of our het pied pair and some of their '04 and '05 offspring.

het piebald female het piebald female male het piebald het pied breeding normal
100% het pied female '03
Male 100% het pied "Lucky" '03 Female 50% poss het pied "Beanie" ('04) close-up
Lucky breeding normal female in '03
possible het pied female possible het pied female het pieds breeding poss het pied female velvet
'04 50% possible het pied female "Beanie"
"Mister Christian" '04 50% poss het pied male
Result from het pieds breeding in '05
"Velvet", '04 50% poss het female