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Spider  Ball  Pythons

    Here are a few pictures of our spiders.  The spider ball python is a great pattern mutation, and makes some awesome combos!  I love the high white sides and reduced pattern.  We obtained the female from Jeremy Stone in 2004 and she is doing well, and we hope to breed her in the '06-'07 season.  The male is also an '04 and we will start him in '06.   The spider is integral to any ball python collection, and the price is coming down, making the spider an affordable morph as well.  Bumblebees, or pastel spiders, are one of the most visiably striking morphs, and we plan to produce some bumblebees in the near future as well.
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 Spider ball python at AAR Spider ball python at AAR
Pied sides
  Spider ball python at AAR
Spider ball python at Australian Addiction Reptiles
Female spider produced here in '06 and getting big!
Spider pair looking good on a white background
Spiders have really cool pied sides that make for a cool look
Nice picture of our breeder female spider on white
Male spider, produced many clutches for us.

Update: We produced a very nice bumblebee by breeding our female spider to our male pastel.  Only one fertile egg was laid, and we really hit the odds and got a male bee.  He is spectacular and can be seen on the Bumblebee ball python page.  We named him Nacho due to his nice color and because we were watching Nacho Libre when he hatched out.