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Yellowbelly Ball  Pythons

    Yellowbelly ball pythons are somewhat normal in appearance, but carry some perplexing genetics.  Breeding two yellowbellies together can result in a white snake with a yellow dorsal stripe, which has been given the name ivory.  The yellowbelly is a key componant of the amazing superstripe ball, and also seems to lighten up and make other morphs just a bit nicer.  This morph is found fairly commonly in import shipments from Africa, but one should be sure that a yellowbelly is from a verified line that is heterozygous for ivory.  We have a nice female yellowbelly that we will be raising up for future combinations, and we are excited about the addition of this morph to Australian Addiction Reptiles.  GET ADDICTED!

Yellowbelly ball python at Australian Addiction Reptiles
Belly of a Yellowbelly
Yellow belly ball
Yellowbellies are beautiful in their own right.
The belly of yellowbelly has a mottled yellow pattern
Another picture of our female yellowbelly