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The Complete Carpet Python (2011)
The Complete Children's Python (2013)

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The Complete Carpet Python

The Compete Carpet Python
by Nick Mutton and Justin Julander, PhD
with a special chapter on advanced reproduction by Dr. Benson Morrill
Published in 2011 by Eco
339 pp. Hardcover with dust jacket

Exerpt from the Forward by John Weigel:
    "With the publication of The Complete Carpet Python, authors and well-known American python breeders Nick Mutton and Dr. Justin Julander present a well-researched and fascinating summary of just about everything that is presently known about carpet pythons – from the biogeography and life-history of all species and subspecies within the complex, to detailed information on all aspects of captive biology for the group. Although the book will provide a considerable amount of useful information for both the amateur and professional scientific herpetologist, it is likely to be of the greatest interest and value to the aspiring python breeder – who for too long has had access to precious little information about the natural history of the carpet python - and only fragmented resources pertaining to keeping and breeding techniques. Of special interest to experienced breeders is the photographic representation of known carpet python ‘morphs’ within the hobby. For the reader, the well-written text falls neatly into logical sections, and is complimented throughout with many beautiful and informative photographs."

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Signed books

                Complete Children's Python- A comprehensive guide to the
                natural history, care and breeding of Antaresia species

The Compete Children's Python
by Dr. Justin Julander, Nick Mutton and Peter Birch
Published in 2013 by Eco
  Over 250 pp. Hardcover with dust jacket

The genus Antaresia, a group commonly referred to as the Children's pythons can be found across the continent of Australia and a small portion of neighboring New Guinea. The group, comprised of the Children's python (Antaresia childreni), spotted python (A. maculosa), pygmy python (A. perthensis) and the Stimson's python (A. stimsoni), contains the smallest pythons in the world. Despite their small size, these snakes are ideally suited to life in the often-harsh climates of their native Australia. These two factors- sze and durability- have made this group popular among python keepers for many years.

THE COMPLETE CHILDREN'S PYTHON is dedicated to all aspects of this amazing group of snakes with particular emphasis on natural history, biology, and reproduction. The authors have beautifully illustrated the immense diversity and natural beauty contained within wild populations of these pythons. This group has previously been underrepresented in herpetocultural literature despite being one of the world's most successful and widespread python genera.

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Signed books
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