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Visits to other breeders facilities

You can always learn a lot from other breeders.  I visit all the fellow breeders and zoos I can to learn from them to better care for and breed my own animals.  I have been fortunate to be able to visit some great breeders that have all been standup guys as well.  I have also met some great keepers at some of the nations best zoos.  I am also including some pictures of backpacking trips, which also include as many herps as I can find. Thanks again, and enjoy!  -Justin

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Lace monitors at Frank Retes were
Casey's amyae were awesome   Jeremy Stone visit
      Python Pete Kuhn's facility       
Frank Rete's Goanna Ranch
Casey Lazik's facility
Jeremy Stone's facility
Auscont Spain OZ Auscont Garter Auscont Oz
Barcelona Zoo 
Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha
Garter Dens in Northern Utah Hovenweep in Southeastern Utah
OZ National zoo NARBC Anaheim
Death Hollow
National Zoo NARBC Anaheim, 2006
NARBC Anaheim, 2007
Cataract Canyon, 2007 Dallas Zoo, 2008
NARBC TX, 2008
Shawn Christian's Morelia
Singapore zoo Hogle zoo Daytona NARBC San Diego Zoo
Singapore zoo Hogle zoo, Salt Lake City, UT Daytona NRBE reptile show
San Diego zoo, 2008
NARBC, Anaheim,
                    2008 NARBC Anaheim 2009 The Snake Keeper Visit page
Josh Ketchum, Sunshine boas
NARBC, Anaheim, CA, 2008 NARBC, Anaheim, CA, 2009
The Snake Keeper, 2010
Josh Ketchum, 2010

Australia, 2010

Reptile Gardens, South Dakota

Australia, 2011

NARBC Tinley, 2012
Australia, 2010 (5 parts)
Reptile Gardens, SD
Australia, 2011
NARBC, Tinley Park 2012
Australian Collections, 2011 Perenties at Reptile Gardens Ryan Young Herping the Gorge, WA
Australian Collection Photos Perenties at Reptile Gardens
Ryan Young, 2013
Herping the Gorge, 2013
Visit to Australia 2013
Visit to Australia 2013

Visit to Australia 2013

Visit to Australia 2014
Australia, 2013 North Carolina, 2014
Nick Mutton, 2014 Australia, 2014
Visit to Saint George UT Visit to Australia 2016 Visit to Saint George 2019 Visit to Saint George 2019
Saint George, UT, 2015 Australia, 2016 Saint George, UT, 2019 Saint George, UT, 2020
Visit to West Texas 2020-21 Visit to Arizona 2021 Arizona herp trip 2022

West Texas, 2020-21 Arizona, 2021 Arizona, 2022