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Australia 2014
  Steve Sharp, Mike Fredrickson, and I headed out on a 2 week tour of Western Australia at the end of November. We had a quick stop-over in Sydney to break up the long flight a bit and visit to the Central Coast Herpetological Society meeting and to herp a bit in the Sydney area. Pictures of some of the animals we found herping are below. The map below shows our course in WA with different days in different colors. We started out in Perth and headed inland to the Pilbara and Karijini NP with a stop in Paynes to break up the drive. We then made our way up through Millstream Chichester NP to Karratha. We then headed southwest to Exmouth and Coral Bay. The last stop was in Jurien Bay before returning to Perth. Western Australia didn't disappoint and we found and photographed many amazing reptiles, other wildlife and some beautiful scenery.

Route map

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Herps found in the Sydney area
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Broad-tailed geckos, Phyllurus platurus, was one of the most commonly found herps
This eastern water dragon, Intellagama l. lesuerii, was a strange find on the side of a cliff
Another P. platurus that demonstrates how their amazing camo works
This adult was found on the granite ridge. It has a regenerated tail.
There were many small skinks found, like this tree-base litter skink, Lygisaurus foliorum
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Big old male I. l. lesuerii was out sunning on the lawn
Eastern water skink, Eulamprus quoyii, in situ
We found many Lesuer's velvet geckos, Amalosia lesuerii, which blended with the granite
This lace monitor, Varanus varius, had some nice blues on the face
Some nice aboriginal paintings in a cave along a granite ridge
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This big V. varius moved from the road onto this tree
This communal nesting site of A. lesuerii was found along a granite rock ledge
This eastern small-eyed snake, Cryptophis nigrescens, was found under a caprock
A black-bellied swamp snake, Hemiaspis signata, is another small elapid like the Cryptophis
This tusked frog, Adelotus brevis, was found by a small swamp

Herps found in Western Australia
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First big find of the trip was this nice southern pygmy spiny-tailed skink, Egernia depressa
Tantilla hobartsmithi, no wait, a monk snake, Parasuta monachus
This was a nice looking Bynoe's gecko, Heternotia binoei
The western beaked gecko, Rhynchoedura ornata, is a beautiful gecko
A variegated dtella, Gehyra variegata
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Awesome female mid-line knobtail gecko, Nephrurus vertebralis Found this nice E. depressa This lozenge-marked dragon, Ctenophorus scutulatus, was a fast lizard This was a nice, and fast, ornate dragon, Ctenophorus ornatus We managed to pick up this nice male yellow-spotted monitor, Varanus panoptes rubidus
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
He was a bit perturbed upon release, but it made for some awesome shots
Defensive posturing from the V. panoptes rubidus
A nice western spotted ctenotus, Ctenotus uber uber, from near Newman
We found a nice pair of ringtail dragons, Ctenophorus caudicinctus, near the Ctenotus
This sharp-snouted delma, Delma nasuta, was the first legless lizard of the night
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In addition to this Lialis burtonis, we also found a Pygopus nigriceps-not pictured
The Pilbara dtella, Gehyra pilbara, was a nice looking gecko
There were several marbled velvet geckos, Oedura marmorata, in Karijini
A very cool zebra huntsman spider along the trail in Karijini
Juvenile O. marmorata
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There were several Goldfields crevice-skink, Egernia formosa, in the canyons of Karijini
I was amazed to see fruit bats flying above fern pool in Dales gorge!
This black-headed monitor, Varanus tristis tristis, was basking in the morning
This is the silhouette that an experienced herper looks for
Better photo of the V. t. tristis by Steve Sharp
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Russet snake-eyed skinks, Cryptoblepharus ustulatus, were everywhere in Karijini Another E. formosa hiding out A male striped rainbow skink, Carlia munda, in breeding colors, was chasing a female The female C. munda was found near a fire-tailed skink, Morethia ruficauda-not pictured Interesting rocks in Karijini
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Almost looks fake how angular the rocks are in Karijini Some of the rocks almost look fake here Some happy herpers looking at a southern Pilbara rock monitor, Varanus hamersleyensis Closeup of the female V. hamersleyensis This V. tristis tristis was hanging out in a crack near where we found the pilbara rocks
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Awesome male V. hamersleyensis This male V. hamersleyensis blends in perfectly with the rock in Karijini This rock ctenotus, Ctenotus saxatilis, was one of the many small skinks we saw We found this western Stimson's python, Antaresia s. stimsoni, was found hiking in Karijini This spinifex slender blue-tongue, Cyclodomorphus m. melanops, was found on the road outside Knox gorge
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Hamersley gorge had some amazing geology Beautiful reflection
Swimming down the pool in Hamersley It was fun to watch the C. ustulatus chase each other around on the rocks! Nice waterfall in Hamersley gorge. Love the color of the water.
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The western hooded scaly-foot Pygopus nigriceps, is a cool legless gecko, photo by Steve Sharp Cool reduced pattern on this banded knobtail gecko, Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus Here is the same N. w. cinctus from head on The southern phasmid gecko, Strophurus jeanae, has some beautiful markings and are quite striking! Nice Pilbara death adder, Acanthophis wellsi, was found near Karijini
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Headshot of A. wellsi. This species is differentiated from A. pyrrhus by the smooth head scales Closeup of a nice western-shield spiny-tailed gecko, Strophurus wellingtonae Nice shot of a northern spiny-tailed geckos, S. c. aberrans, photo by Steve Sharp Nice Pilbara A. s. stimsoni Full body image of this western Stimson's python
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Millstream Chichester NP is an amazing place! Spotted this Pilbara rock monitor, Varanus pilbarensis, hiding from the heat in Millstream-Chichester NP These monitors have to be some of the best looking monitors on the planet! Great Pilbara rock monitor habitat in Millstream Chichester The state flower of WA
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Steve found this western Pilbara spiny-tailed skink, Egernia cygnitos, just before dark Such a cool skink! We were very happy to find them before leaving the Pilbara Found this anthill python, Antaresia perthensis, on the Coastal Highway headed south of Karratha Pygmy pythons are one of my all time favorites! This N. wheeleri cinctus was quite dusty and blended in well
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Long-nosed dragon, Gowidon longirostris, recently changed from the genus Lophognathus We found a couple northern spiny-tailed geckos, Strophurus ciliaris aberrans, in Cape Range NP Love the yellow bars on the tail of this western spiny-tailed gecko, Strophurus strophurus Very boldly-patterned S. ciliaris aberrans Sad to see this recently hit A. s. stimsoni near Exmouth. Another nice example of this subspecies.
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
My dream lizard, the perentie, Varanus giganteus! Was really hoping to find one on this trip The reticulated pattern on the neck is so beautiful. He cruised through the park under the picnic pavilion. They blend in so well with their environment. This experience made the trip a success in my book for sure! A very nice P. nigriceps found on the way to Coral Bay, photo by Steve Sharp Many fat tailed geckos, Diplodactylus conspicillatus, were found on the way to Coral Bay, photo by Steve Sharp
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
This nice Mottled ground gecko, Lucasium squarrosum, was found crossing the road, photo by Steve Sharp
A north-western shovel nosed snake, Brachyurophis approximans, photo by Steve Sharp
This S. strophurus was found on the road to Coral Bay, photo by Steve Sharp
Nice green sea turtle, Chelonia mydas, in Turquoise Bay, Cape Range NP, Photo by Mike Fredrickson
Cool ray seen in Turquoise Bay, Cape Range NP, Photo by Mike Fredrickson
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Very sad to see this absolute monster A. s. stimsoni dead on the road. It measured 47 inches in length! Living rocks! These are the stromoliths that are near the turnoff to Shark Bay. This emu was cruising down the road in Denham in the Shark Bay region Shark Bay is an amazingly beautiful place with such blue water. This male western netted dragon, Ctenophorus reticulatus, was found on the Useless loop road.
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Beautiful C. reticulatus female found near the male. Another male C. reticulatus showing off the cryptic nature of their patterning This amazing red sand desert is beautiful Sunset on Shark Bay This was the first of many western smooth knobtail geckos, Nephrurus levis occiendentalis, found in the Shark Bay area
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Juvenile N. l. occidentalis showing a bit of defensive posturing This N. l. occidentalis pair was found in very close proximity of each other Blinded by the light. This echidna did not ball up when found on the side of the road There were several soft spiny-tailed geckos, Strophurus spinigerus, on the road near Nambung NP This S. spinigerus pauses to clean its face. Photo by Steve Sharp
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Rain brought out the frogs, like this motorbike frog, Litoria moorei These moaning frogs, Heleioporus eyrei, were out with the rains Amazing formations in the Pinnacles area of Nambung NP So awesome to see Galahs perched on the top of pinnacles Such a cool desert area!
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Found this juvenile shingleback, Tiliqua rugosa rugosa, on the road south of Jurien Bay A dark juvenile sand monitor, Varanus gouldii, hanging out by the visitors center
This nice sand dune was running along side of this section of pinnacles Juvenile dwarf bearded dragon, Pogona minor So cool to find a SW carpet python, Morelia imbricata, in the pinnacles!
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Moved from the pinnacle into a neighboring tree Very beautiful despite being in shed! Nice closeup of the SW carpet python in defensive posture This female dwarf bearded dragon was full of eggs One of many emus seen in Nambung
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Interesting locomotion to avoid detection Find the shingleback Beautiful, high white shingleback Interesting orange vines Several of the shinglebacks were quite pugnacious
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Feisty guy on the side of the dune under a bush Profile picture of a nice sand monitor, Varanus gouldii Closeup shot of V. gouldii, picture by Steve Sharp
Varanus gouldii, Nambung Ring around the Pinnacle
Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14 Aus14
Shingleback couple Pair following one another through the Pinnacles Nice pair showing difference between sexes So long tongue shot Pinnacles farewell shot

Species List:
Acanthophis wellsi
Adelotus brevis**
Amalosia lesuerii
Antaresia perthensis
Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni
Brachyurophis approximans
Carlia munda**
Chelonia mydas
Cryptoblepharis ustulatus

Cryptophis nigrescens
Ctenophorus nuchalis
Ctenophorus ornatus

Ctenophorus reticulatus**
 Ctenophorus scutulatus

Ctenotus saxatilis
Ctenotus uber uber**
Cyclodomorphus m. melanops
Delma nasuta**
Diplodactylus conspicillatus
Diplodactylus pulcher
Egernia cygnitos**

Egernia depressa**
Egernia formosa
Eulamprus quoyii
Furina ornata
Gehyra pilbara**
Gehyra punctata**
Gehyra variegata**

Gowidon longirostris
Heleioporus eyrei**
Hemiaspis signata
 Heteronotia binoei
Intellagama lesuerii
Lialis burtonis

Litoria moorei**
Lucasium stenodactylum
Lygisaurus foliorum**
Menetia greyii
Morelia imbricata

Morethia ruficauda**
 Nephrurus levis occidentalis
Nephrurus vertebralis
Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus

a marmorata**

Parasuta monachus**
lurus platurus
Pogona minor minor**
Pseudonaja mengdeni
Pygopus nigriceps
Rhynchoedura ornata
Strophurus ciliaris aberrans
Strophurus jeanae
Strophurus spinigerus spinigerus
Strophurus strophurus
Strophurus wellingtonae**
Tiliqua multifasciata
Tiliqua occipitalis (DOR)
Tiliqua rugosa rugosa
Varanus gouldii**
 Varanus hamersleyensis
Varanus panoptes rubidus
Varanus pilbarensis
Varanus tristis tristis
Varanus varius
New species observed this trip