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Casey's amyae were awesome
Spiny knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus amyae)
Spiny knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus amyae)
Centralian Python at Casey Lazik's
striped bredli
I got a chance to stop by Casey Laziks during a trip to Seattle for a conference.  He had an amazing collection, and I got to add some more Australian animals to my must have list.  He knows his reptiles and was a nice guy.
Casey's spiny knobs (Nephrurus amyae) were the coolest!  They were so amazing.
The amyae were very personable and put on a very tough act.
The real reason for the visit was to check out Casey's Centralian pythons (Morelia bredli).  These were amazing!
Bredli also come in striped flavor.  These guys were tame as kittens.

A pile of Casey Laziks Angolan pythons (Python achieta)
Casey Lazik's piebald ball python
Pygmy python (Antarasia perthensis)
another bredli

Casey is also the Angolan python (Python anchietae) king.  He had some amazingly patterned angolans.
He also had some impressive ball python morphs.  The piebald ball really caught my eye and got me hooked.
Pygmy pythons (Antarasia perthensis) were so red!  They are the smallest pythons in the world.
I've got to put in one more bredli shot.