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Sunshine Boas
A visit to Josh Ketchum's of Sunshine Boas

OK, so I know that is a blood python pattern in the Australia above and bloods are native to Indo/Asia, but it looks cool and Josh has some very cool blood pythons.  Josh has got to be the most genuine animal person I have ever met.  He is very knowledgeable, not just about herps, but about animals in general.  It was great hanging out with Josh and seeing his awesome animals!
Woma Juvenile tristis monitors Adult tristis monitors Jaguars Blackthroat monitors
Australians first.  Nice womas
Juvie tristis. Almost went home with these.
Some adult tristis in Josh's monitor shed.
Jaguar and jungle. Jag was one we produced.
Some blackthroats in a huge enclosure.
Ultrabreit bloods Ultrabreit juveniles Cool ultrabreit offspring Banka Blood Dum Ground Boa
Pair of ultrabreit Borneo shortail pythons
An offspring from Ultrbreit to Ultrabreit.
A crazy mutation from an Ultrabreit breeding.
Very nice Banka blood python.
Cool Madagascar ground boa.
Amazon tree boa Greyband Ivory Sulcata Scaleless ratsnake Boa morph
A bit of attitude with this Amazon tree boa
Very nice greyband kingsnakes. Cool little ivory sulcata tortoise
The scaleless ratsnakes are crazy looking.
Gotta show at least one of Josh's boas.