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Hogle zoo
Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City, UT

Blue eyed lucistic alligator
Luecisitic alligator
Leucistic alligator
Juvenile alligators
Green tree python
The luecistic alligator was the highlight of the trip
Full body shot of the leucistic alligator underwater
This guy was cool.  Too bad there are no plans to produce more
Some normal juvenile alligators in a small pool
Love the blue highlights in this green tree python.  Nice snake.
Varanus acanthurus, ackie
Varanus acanthurus, ackie Varanus acanthurus, ackie Jamacain Boa
Radiated tortoise
Nice ackies, or Varanus acanthurus in a cool large exhibit.
They were pretty active climbing around on the rock ledges
My daughter was well entertained by the spiny-tailed ackies
Jamacain boa was a rare snake on exhibit at the Hogle zoo
A good sized radiated tortoise taking an afternoon snooze
Grevy zebra Gorilla Penguin Tupaia Red Panda
In honor of our new zebra jungle Grevy, I had to get a picture of these Grevy's zebras
This gorilla kept us entertained by eating corn on the cob
Thought this was a great picture of a penguin that wanted in
Tupaia, or tree shrews, are such cool little prosimian primates
The red panda is another cool animal on exhibit at Hogle zoo