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2008 Trip to the Dallas Zoo

The main reason for visiting Dallas zoo: the Perenties!
perentie, Varanus giganteus perentie, Varanus giganteus perentie, Varanus giganteus perentie, Varanus giganteus perentie, Varanus giganteus
Pair on exhibit having a nap
The female was nice and contrasting Sweet face of a female perentie This old male was huge! Here is another shot of the pair

perentie, Varanus giganteus perentie, Varanus giganteus perentie, Varanus giganteus

This off-exhibit female was amazing!
I love this shot of some young perenties
These guys definitely made the trip

Other Dallas zoo Herps: Dallas zoo has one of the best herp collections, IMHO.  The pictures turned out well, despite being shot through the cage glass.  Let me know if I have labled any of the animals with the wrong names, as it is hard to remember so many.
Nile croc Leaf-tailed gecko LT gecko King cobra Kanburi
Nile crocs
Leaf-tailed gecko
Leaf-tailed gecko King cobra
Kanburi palm viper
Greys monitor Green mamba Gila gila monster gila monster heloderma
Grays monitor, another Dallas zoo specialty
Green mamba
Gila profile
Curled up comfortable
I liked this view of an active gila
Green bush viper Frilled lizard Fiji banded iguana Euro viper Crocodile skink
Green bush viper
Gotta love the frilled lizards
Very beautiful Fiji banded iguana
They had some great European vipers
My wifes favorite lizard, the crocodile skink
Croc monitor Crocodile monitor Coral Chinese alligator chameleolis
A very large crocodile monitor
A modern day velociraptor
Can you find the coral snake?
Miniture crocodillian, a chinese alligator
This chameleolis species was off exhibit
Cape Cobra Bushmaster Black-tailed rattlesnake Rock Monitor Black tree monitor
Cape Cobra
The zoo works with a lot of bushmasters
A very nice blacktailed rattler
Nice blackthroat monitor
Black tree monitor
Black speckled viper Banded rock rattlesnake Boelens python Black mamba Big croc monitor
Black-spotted palm viper
Banded rock rattlesnake
A young boelens python
A very sleek black mamba
A very tame crocodile monitor off exhibit
Blackhead python BHP Beaded lizard ATB Arub island rattler
A very nice blackhead python
Close up of that blackhead
Comfortable beaded lizard, the other venomous lizard
A lot of white on this amazon tree boa
An Aruba island rattlesnake
Armenian viper Angolan python yellow spotted toad Talyors zenagama Vine snake
Can't remember the name, but this viper was amazing
Too bad this Angolan python decided to hide out
Cool yellow-spotted toad
Taylors xenagama
Very green vine snake
Timber rattler Terciopelo Temple viper Taylors Cantil European viper
A beautiful timber rattler
A terciopello
Temple vipers are amazingly colored
A taylors cantil
This was my favorite viper and was off exhibit
Star tortoise Side striped viper Sri Lankan palm viper speckled rattler Snakeneck turtle
Gotta love the start tortoises
A side striped viper
Sri-Lankan palm viper
Speckled rattlesnake
Snakeneck turtles have the best smiles
snakeneck basking Solomon Islands Skink Solomon Islands leaf frog Sailfin lizard Rinkhals cobra
A basking snakeneck, sharing a cage with the sailfin
A solomon islands skink
Another Solomon Islands native, the leaf frog
Sailfin lizard female, the male died a while back
The rinkhals cobras are so boldly patterned
Ringed python Pipa frog Palestine viper Poison arrow frog Osage copperhead
Ringed python, off exhibit
Weird old pipa frog
A palastine viper
Very beautiful poison arrow frog
Osage Copperhead