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Daytona NRBE
NARBC, Tinley Park, IL
The NARBC show is one of the largest shows in the US. I was invited to give a talk on carpet pythons, so I figured I would attend the show without animals so I could take it all in. Peter Birch and his family came over from Australia for the show, so it was great to catch up with him! The infamous Carpet Row did not disappoint, and the first section of pictures are the faces of Carpet Row as well as some of their animals.
Jason Baylin and Luke Snell
Howard Redding & O Moana Ko'u Inoa
David Diamond and Eric Burke
Dale Huffman and Jeremy K
Howard's twin
David Diamond and Julie
Luke and his very nice animals
Jennifer from Boa Cabana
Terry Phillip and Peter Birch doing the classic looking for pictures on their cells
Nice backpack Peter!
Some of Luke's amazing red coastal carpets
The reds were probably my favorite snakes at the show
red coastal Granite
Yet another red coastal
Here is what a red looks like as it gets older
Another red with some size
A juvenile red at the beginning of the change
Nice tiger jag
Caramel zebra jag from Psychotic Exotics
Nice wide stripe on this tiger jag
Nice granite jaguar
Jason had this nice zebra jungle
A nice selection of carpets
One nice tiger jag!
More carpets!
More nice zebras
Mo's jungle jags.
So amazing!
Nice zebra jag
Het Axanthic coastals
Some nice albinos at Dales table
Very nice zebra jaguar
Adult female at Julie's table that was produced at AAR
Dale had some nice granites
Nice granite!
Another stellar Jungle Jag
Some of Terry's Darwins
Such cool snakes!
Look at those orange eyes
The only pair of inland carpets
Beautiful diamonds at Terry's table
Lightning line jungles
Some nice blackhead pythons
Super caramel jag at Kerry's table
A caramel zebra jag from Psychotic Exotics
So many cool carpet morphs!
One of Kerry's signature tigers
Nice jungle carpet
Another granite jaguar
Nice pattern and color on this one
Boa Cabana IJ jaguar and jungle carpet
A nice striped coastal from Boa Cabana
This is a nice tiger jaguar
The Chondro Coalition had some amazing green trees
A closer look at the Boa Cabana IJ Jag
Nice striped IJ
Look at the yellow speckling on this jungle!

Non-Australian stuff. There were lots of tables with ball pythons, boas, leopard geckos, and colubrids.  These were some that impressed me and were maybe a bit out of the ordinary.
Josh and Danny pre-sumo squabble
Nice melinus
Labled as a CB Timor
Nice red tegu juvie
Luke had a nice pair of Timor pythons
Some cool Abronia at the show
Another Abronia species
Some satanic leaf-tailed geckos blending in nicely
Sweet dart frog
Oedura monolis
Nice caudicinctus leaftail at Derek Dunlop's table
Sweet platurus!
Some nice geckos from Jon Boone
Nice robusta
Quite a few scaleless corns
An albino
Such bold paterns
This one looked very cool
Gives them such a different look
A whole pile with very few scales
Vanila combo ball pythons were one of my favorites
This enchi banana was very cool!
Super stripes are one of the coolest ball morphs!
Mojave GHI
Black pastel banana
Sugar something or other
The superstripe complex is amazing
The highway is a nice morph
Amazing albino tristripe from the Snake Keeper
Some cool combos
Axanthic pied
Nice contrast between these two
Liking the striped ball morphs
Nice wide ringer
Halo pieds
Cool combo morph
Pastel super stripes
Love the red of a superstripe
Bumblebee pied
Swamp water
Rare Uromastix
Cool iguanid
Nice orange retic