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Python Pete
Me holding a
                woma at Python Pete's Python
                Pete's red ackies (Varanus acanthurus) Python
                Pete's kimberly rock monitors (Varanus glauerti) JCP and
                me at Python Pete's
A visit to Python Pete Kuhn's in 1998.  He was a great host and had the most amazing animals!  Sorry about the poor photo quality, but I only had a crappy disposable camera.  Pete helped jump-start my Australian addiction.  I also got some of my jungle carpets from Pete as well as a trio of  acanthurus
This was the most beautiful woma (Aspedites ramsayi) I have ever seen!
I liked his ackies (Varanus acanthurus) so much, I picked up a trio.  They are great Varanids.
The kimberly rock monitors (Varanus glauerti) were so awesome!
Pete's Jungle carpet pythons (M. s. cheynei) are second to none!  I bought a pair of these as well.