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Cataract canyon
Cataract Canyon 2007 Photos
But ode to the groover

The 59 Caliber Ammo Can Song (Feelin’ Groovy)

Slow down, you poop too fast, you've got to make the moment last
Just pushin’ out a finless brown, lookin' for boats and feelin' groovy

Duh da la da da da duh, feeling groovy

Hello tammy, whatcha doing, I've come to watch the beatles chewin'
Keep your veggie schweeze off me, ‘specially while I’m feelin' groovy

Duh da la da da da duh, feeling groovy

I've got no deeds to do, no fortunes to seek
I'm wobbling around on a slivery seat
But I’ve got to pinch off ‘fore the flies cover me

Life is lovely, I am grooving

From Moab to Lake Powell through Cataract Canyon
                    worms mud first camp
Ben boat
The first day was mostly spent watching these beetle larve chomp on tamarisk.  Hopefully this biological control method doesn't have a crappy ending.
Cool bird tracks preserved in the dried mud.  Some call these monster puzzles.
Our first camp.  A comfortable sandbar in the middle of the river.  Was very nice, excepting the mosquitos.
Ben, our fearless captain.  Aside from navagating the rapids, he kept us well fed and entertained with some great stories.
Here I am hanging out on the overhang overlooking the boat, "El Shweezo".  Ben, a Colorado river guide, built this boat himself, with a little help from his dad.
swim granary
Petrified wood Dad shelf camp
A bit of a swim down the Colorado.  Utilizing a nice polo kick to get out of the water.
Very intact granary right off the bank of the river.
Very cool petrified log preserved in the "mud bank" of the sandstone.
A great picture of Dad.
Ah, to relax on the slickrock.  Is there anything better?
3 faces 2 faces rainbow
This tamarisk forest reminded me of Fangorn forest or something from Lord of the Rings.
"3 faces"
A couple others we called "2 faces"
The "rainbow".  We were there around the summer equinox and hypothesized that this was used as a solar type calandar, utilizing the spots on either side as a way to mark certain times.
Look, we were right!  The light lines up exactly with the dot on the summer equinox!
3 faces valley
rock camp Cliff Granary
Well, our theory did not quite pan out.
A far off shot of the "3 faces"
Nice valley.  Seems the native americans who lived in this valley knew what they were doing.
I love sleeping on the slickrock.  This was a very cool camp.
Can you see the granary.  Man, they really had to go a long way to the pantry.
Cliff granary close
rapids To doll house hidden valley Granary far
A little closer up of the granary
Our loyal steed among the first rapids.  Not many pictures of the rapids, as dad didn't want to ruin his camera (go figure)
On the way to the dolls house.  We had to hike a very steep trail to the top of the plateu.
Here is a view from the top.  No one died on the hike up (even the old guys)
Can you see the granary in this shot?
Gran Bal Rock Canyon DH DH
A littel closer up picture of this well-preserved granary
Very cool balancing rock in the dolls house.
There are a bunch of cool narrow canyons in the dolls house.
More hoodoos in the dolls house.
A bit of flowers in the valley of the dolls house.
Coll Liz bobcat track
Beach camp
Canyon TF
Very bold collored lizard.  Put on a nice display.  We saw his female higher on the trail, who also posed for some photos.
Saw a nice large bobcat track on the trail up to hidden valley.  Didn't see the actual cat though.
Nice beach camp.  Can't beat a game of botchi (spelling?) ball game on the shores of the Colorado.
Nice cascading pools in this deep dark canyon.
I love the Canyon treefrogs.  They have to be the enigmatic amphib of the desert.  There were lots of tadpoles in the pools to the left.
RS Toad
Tree lizards
Last Breakfast
Rock slide
End of trip
Nice tiny red-spotted toad
Nice looking male tree lizard
Last breakfast of the trip
We were almost underneath this rock slide.  We saw the dust and heard the noise, but were just a little far away (thankfully)  You can see the scar on the cliff face.
End of the trip.  The calm waters of Lake Powell,