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Australia, 2011
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Part I: Arrival and some herping in Ourimbah and the surrounding area
     I, along with my co-author on The Complete Carpet Python Nick Mutton, was able to visit my good friend Peter Birch for a few days after speaking at a symposium in Sydney. Peter was nice enough to show us around some local herp spots for a bit of cool weather herping. Some of the coolest herps were found cruising Peter's back yard, including some leaf-tailed geckos (Phyllurus platurus) and a large land mullet (Egernia major). We also located several funnel-web spiders (Atrax robustus), a juvenile water skink (Eulamprus quoyii), and a small unidentified skink, possibly of the Carlia genus. Pete has left the native vegitation intact in his yard, allowing a welcome resort for various local species.

leaf-tailed geckos

land mullet

funnel web spider

funnel web spider


      Peter and his wife Joanne took us for a drive up into the hills to search for more reptiles. After fruitlessly searching for Angle-headed dragons, we moved further up the slope and were lucky to flip some small elapids, a small-eyed snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) and a swamp snake (Hemiaspis signata) under some nicely placed garbage.  I guess the bright side of idiots throwing their junk on the side of the road in a beautiful setting is that herps can be found underneath.
small eye
Eastern Small-Eyed Snake

small eye
Eastern Small-Eyed Snake

     Unfortunately it was a bit cool for diamond pythons, but we searched through some suitable habitat anyway. More leaf-tailed geckos were found as well as another small-eye and a crazy-looking flat rock spider (Hemicloea major).
  leaftailed geckos

leaftailed geckos

  flat rock spider
       We moved on to another prime herping spot, the local crematorium/graveyard.  Eastern waterdragons (Physignathus lesuerii) lined the banks of a small stream that bisected the graveyard. We also got to play with a large lace monitor (Varanus varius) that didn't seemed to be too worried by our presence.  He knew he was the king of the cemetary!
                water dragon


Wanker shot!
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