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NARBC Anaheim
NARBC Anaheim 2007 Photos

Australian Herps
amyae amyae BHP
Nice Granite IJ from DT.  Ok, technically not Australian, but related.
Another of David's snakes, a potential axanthic jaguar
This golden-tailed gecko was amazing, as were all the geckos at dragonherp
Thought this was a cool view of the wheeleri at DH
Looks like Michael is doing well with the delanei, and had a few
Frill amyae DXC AAR delanei
This hypo transleucent bearded was so amazing!  Pics do no justice.
The transleucents are very nice as well, despite the bad pics
These rankins dragons were sweet.  Too bad there were only males
I can never get sick of seeing a nice amyae.  This male was great.
You don't see shingleback skinks very often, let alone one so nice.

Non-Australian Herps
Frill Frill Frill Frill Frill
What better way to start than with the ball of the year, the killer clown
This super pastel yellow belly was so amazing, and seemed to glow
Another killer, the killer blast.  Super pastel pinstripe
Dan and Colette had some sweet animals, including this super mojo
Brian had some great animals too, including this leucistic
Frill Frill Frill Frill Frill
Another amazing snake from the Southerlands, this one a pastel sugar
The mojave bee looked better than I anticipated
The ivories are sweet, and was another leucistic available
This champaigne was also het axanthic, if I remember right.
Some dang sweet bloods at Jeff and Dave's table.  This is a matrix.
Frill Frill Frill Frill Frill
These are some amazing retics
Another nice retic morph that caught my eye.
We had Jeremy's sweet Timor python at our table for a while.
A nice rock ig on display that appeared to be a full-scale statue.
Nice blue tree monitor
Frill Frill Frill Frill Frill
This budgets frog was crazy looking
Baby tortoises are so cool, this one is a marginated
Here is a sweet radiated tortoise baby
Here is a radiated all grown up
I have to get a print of this painting by Tell Hicks.  It fits me perfectly.