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Perenties at Reptile
Perenties at Reptile Gardens, South Dakota
The perenties (Varanus giganteus) were hatching at Reptile Gardens, so the only logical thing to do was jump in the car to go see them. That might seem a little extreme, but these are my favorites and I couldn't pass up a chance to see a hatchling perentie. It also doesn't take much to make me want to justify taking a trip to RG, as they have such a great collection. My wife is very supportive and was kind enough to go with me. Terry was great and very accommodating, making the visit very enjoyable. It was amazing getting to hold a big male perentie! The hatchling was freaking amazing and to see it was worth it all! Here are a couple pics.
Juvie perentie  Me
                and a perentie   Gila  perentie
Juvenile perentie in hand
Holding the big guy was a thrill!
Geidi and the Hila (lol)
Such an amazing animal!
perentie perentie perentie perentie 
Hatchling thinks it's tough
Top view
Whatchu lookin' at?