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Rough knobtail, Nephrurus amyae at the Omaha zoo
baby amyae
close up of amyae
bredli at Omaha zoo
I visited the Henry Doorly zoo in Omaha, NE during thanksgiving break.  It was the coolest zoo ever!  The desert dome had to be the most amazing exibit I have ever seen.  It didn't hurt that they had an awesome collection of Australian herps.  Here were some of the Australian herps they had on display.  If you get a chance, go visit this awesome zoo!
They had some nice rough knobs (Nephrurus amyae) on display
This hatchling amyae was displayed in the nursery
A little bit closer full-body view of the amyae
They had a nice bredli display.  They also had a hatchling male off display that they purchased as a future mate for this female.

blackhead python at Henry Doorly zoo
collets snake
Mertens water monitor at Henry Doorly zoo
mertens monitor at Omaha zoo

Unfortunately, the blackhead python was in shed
The Omaha zoo has one of the three Collets snakes in the country. 
The Mertens monitor display was cool
This was the other Mertens in the pair

Fly River turtle
another pic of the fly river turtle at Omaha zoo
A couple frillies on display at Henry doorly zoo
taipan at Omaha zoo

This Fly river turtle was one of the 3 they had on display.  The fish eyes sure reflect the light
Another pic of the fly river turtle
These frilled lizards were housed together with some bluetongued skinks
This taipan was also in shed

Varanus gouldii
Nice pair of womas
Australian water dragon
Aboriginal drawings on the wall of the desert dome exibit

Crappy picture of a nice sand monitor
They had some beautiful womas
Australian water dragon
Cool aboriginal drawings in the desert dome exhibit