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Jeremy Stone visit
                ball python at Jeremy Stone's
mojave babies
                ball python
                stripe ball python
I visited Jeremy Stone's place a couple times in 2004.  He has some great ball pythons, and some awesome boas as well.  Jeremy is a great guy and very helpful with some ball tips.  I got hooked on mojaves among other morphs at his facility. 
This mojave was killer!  Their colors are outrageous.  With all the possibilities, this morph is the coolest.I have to get some!
Here are some nice baby mojaves that Jeremy produced from a non-genetic striped female.  They are awesome!
This clown male is another morph that I decided would be one for me.
Jeremy had a bunch of genetic stripes.  This male was really nice.  He had a bunch of babies that had recently hatched as well.

                ball python morph
super pastel ball python
spider ball python with cool pattern
pinstripe ball python

Jeremy had some nice pastels. 
This super pastel was sweet.  Can't wait to produce some of those.
We picked up a spider female from Jeremy.  This baby had a cool aberant neck pattern.
Pinstripes have got to be one of the coolest morphs around.  Hopefully I can also pick up some of these soon.
Jeremy Stone visit
Father and Daughter Clown
                nose ball python
Lesser Platty
 woma ball
I visited again in June, 2005 and got some more nice shots of Jeremy's awesome animals
Here is a clown male next to his daughter that just hatched out.
Spot-nose balls are an exciting new morph with a cool super that Tracey Barker proved recently
Lessers are awesome.  It was too bad this guy was in shed
Woma ball pythons are cool with a super form as well.

pastel hatchling
A pastel het axanthic
Striped Mojave
 Genetic stripe ball python

This pastel had just hatched out.  It looked more like a super pastel.
Another pastel hatchling that is also het axanthic
One of the above striped mojaves all grown up
A nice reduced genetic stripe.  These guys are awesome!