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Australia 2016
Australia 2016 road trip course
  I took my 3 oldest kids on a trip along the east coast of Australia. We started in Sydney area and made our way up on the inland route to Cairns, and then back down along the coast back to Sydney. It was definitely an overambitious drive, with around 5,500 miles of driving, but we saw a lot of cool sights and I managed to get some herping in as well. I was fortunate to add a couple new pythons species to my checklist, which was nice, and the kids had a very memorable trip. Can't wait to get back and neither can the kids!

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Reptiles, Amphibians and Birds from Eastern Australia
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Finally found a diamond python, Morelia spilota spilota
Unexpected find cruising through a cemetery in the middle of the day
This specimen had a great pattern and amazing color. Definitely a highlight!
This Eastern water skink, Eulamprus quoyii, was found while looking for mustard-bellied snakes near the Blue Mtns.
This dubious dtella, Gehyra dubia, was found driving towards Alpha, QLD
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The ubiquitous Lialis burtonis was found shortly after the gecko
This Red-naped snake, Furina diadema, was found while searching on foot for Nephrurus asper.
An unfortunate Eastern brown snake, Pseudonaja textilis, was found DOR
Bynoe's geckos, Heteronotia binoei, have a large range across much of Australia
Many frogs were seen west of Mount Surprise, like this Ornate Burrowing frog, Opisthodon ornatus
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Another target species, the Pygmy Banded Python (Antaresia sp.) was found on foot west of Mount Surprise
This undescribed species of Antaresia is very beautiful
Detail of the Pygmy Banded Python. More information on this snake can be found in our book, The Complete Children's Python.
The camo on this small python was very effective
Not sure on the species, but this frog definitely belongs to Cyclorana and was found shortly after finding the Pygmy Banded Python
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This beautiful green frog stood out in this desert landscape. Not sure on the species on this one, but looks like a Litoria species This long-footed Cyclorana, C. longipes, was nicely colored and patterned This invasive Cane Toad, Bufo marinus, was quite beautiful. We found a number of these that were dead or dying. Not sure why... Another Dubious Dtella We managed to another Pygmy Banded Python; this one was found on the road
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We set this one up on a termite mound for a quick photo shoot
My daughter spotted this Lace Monitor, V. varius, on the street, before it zipped up this tree Several Saw-shelled turtles, Wollumbina latisternum, were seen swimming in the creek near Millaa Millaa falls
A scrub python, Simalia kinghorni, was seen crossing the road on the way to Daintree Village A good-sized scrub was found in the Mossman Gorge carpark
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The scrub took up a spot in the buttress roots of this tree
We were happy to find a Boyd's Forest Dragon, Hypsilurus boydii, which was spotted by my daughter
These awesome Agamids blend in surprisingly well in their habitat
Hard to find a better looking lizard than these guys
Another nice lace monitor found in Mossman Gorge
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I followed this guy around the gorge for quite a while and got some nice video
A north-eastern blindsnake, Anilios torresianus, was found crossing the road just outside of Cairns
Another large scrub python was found soon after we saw the blind snake. Such amazing looking pythons!
Very happy to find this beautiful jungle carpet python, M. s. cheynei, just north of Japoonvale This beautiful yellow specimen blended in nicely with the natural environment
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Close-up of the jungle carpet python
This snake was very placid and didn't show any aggression as we moved it off the road and handled it for a bit
I was very excited to see several Southern Cassowaries, Casuarius casuarius, near Etty Beach
I was thrilled to find this Bell's phase lace monitor near Jourama falls
Small skink, maybe Carlia munda, found on the path to Jourma falls
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This beautiful Eastern Striped Ctenotus, Ctenotus robustus, was spotted on the path to Jourma falls I was luck to catch this Macquarie turtle, Emydura macquarii, in a pond near Jourma falls
Went for a drive after setting up camp at Toomulah Beach and found this nice frilled dragon, Chlamydosaurus kingii This guy did not want to close up his frill and run off and would attack the camera, making for some fun video A small skink. Not sure on the species.


This Cunningham's skink, Egernia cunninghami, was in this rock crevice just off the path on the way to Bouddi NP

Species List:

Anilios torresianus**
Antaresia sp.**
Bufo marinus
Carlia munda**
Casuarius casuarius**
Chlamydosaurus kingii
Ctenotus robustus**
Cyclorana longipes**
Cyclorana sp.**

Dtella dubia**
Egernia cunninghami**
Emydura macquarii**
Eulamprus quoyii
Furina diadema
Heternotia binoei
Hypsilurus boydii
Lialis burtonis
Litoria sp.

Morelia spilota cheynei
Morelia spilota spilota
Opisthodon ornatus**
Pseudonaja textilis DOR
Simalia kinghornii
Varanus varius
Wollumbina latisternum

**New species observed this trip