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Daytona NRBE
NRBE, Daytona Beach, FL
First off, of course, is the Australian stuff.  There were very few Australian monitors and carpet pythons, but the black-heads and womas were plentiful.  Also some cool stuff I had never seen in person.  Enjoy, I did.

A bunch of amyae
Cool shot
Pile of beardies

Brian also got out some tigers he had
Some nice BHP Axanthic BHP Brians Carpets
Bluetonge not being a good neighbor These carpondros were some nice eye candy Another amazing carpondro Some Nephrurus deleani
Some small galeatus I'd never seen a granariens in the flesh Some Egernia One of the two adult granite carpets
Another view of the female granite A male granite with a large pricetag Some of the chondro coalition GTPs Cool way to display baby GTPs
Nice red juvie Nice jaguar One of the few nice adult jungles Ring, water, and whitelip python
Male Varanus pilbarensis I was happy to see this US CBB shingleback Another first, a Nephrurus stellatus Nice looking BHP with a dark back
An adult male Varanus tristis tristis This was a sweet woma from SD zoo stock Quite a few nice womas at this group Dinner with the group

Non-Australian stuff.   There were lots of tables with ball pythons, boas, leopard geckos, and colubrids.  These were some that impressed me and were maybe a bit out of the ordinary.
Paradox "two-faced" bumblebee
Nice adult radiated tort
Sweet adult superstripe
Graziani's albino aligator
Albino retic, one of the few large snakes
Lots of albinos, this one a snapper
Couple albino sulcatas with norms
Sweet Applegate pyro
Bowsprit or ploughshare tort
Budget's frogs are cool
Calico Amazon tree boa
Carmel glows are so awesome
Albino red footed tort Assorted bamboo ratsnakes Cool black boa Black dragon
Desert ghost Segregation in the clawed frog tank Crocodile lizard Albino nile monitor
Aldabra tortoise Granite Ivory Emerald tree boa Green tree monitor
Nice hognose morphs Assorted hognose flavors Group of horned frogs Assorted ball python morphs
Some nice boa morphs Lechianus Nice lightning ball python Mellers juvenile
These ornate Uros were so cool Paradox ivory ball Pastel champaignes Mexican Musk turtle
Pastel kingpin Pastel super chocolate Patternless gophersnake Nice adult radiated
This was the nicest radiated I have seen Nice red tegu Tom's ringed pythons are sweet San Fran garter?
Cool sail fin lizard adult Tristripe from Snakekeeper This spider pied was very nice Spider tortoise babies
Sputter, spider butter Nice striped boa Some striped corns were cool Super butter was very clean
Superstripes are some of my favs Some cool dart frogs Not commonly seen Titanium retic
Nice T+ motley True ghost Yellowjacket Very cool yellow spiny-tailed Ig