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A visit to TSK

Dan and Colette, owners of The Snake Keeper, have an amazing setup.  While they are well known for their ball python collection, they will soon be known for their green tree python collection.  They have some fantastic green tree morphs.  Here are a few pictures of some of the GTPs as well as some of the ball morphs.
Biak Merauke canary chondro Canary 2 Designer blue Jayapura
One of their amazing Merauke X Biak crosses.
One of their canaries that is still yellow.
Another canary that had a bit more green.
A nice GTP from their designer blue line.
Good looking Jayapura locality GTP.
Very nice Lereh.  Love the black!
This Manokwari had a sweet blue stripe!
Another Merauke X Biak cross.
Love the blues on the Sorongs.
Nice yellow on this Yapen locale
axanthic pied ball morph clown pied ball morph desert ball morph firefly ball morph hypo butter ball morph
One of the few axanthic morphs I like is the axanthic piebald
They have some great pied morphs including this clown pied
The desert is a very nice looking morph.  This one is het clown.
This adult firefly has not faded as an adult and is very nice.
Adding hypo to morphs kicks it up a notch; a hypo butter.
killer blast ball morph killer clown ball morph paradox super pastel ivory ball morph pastel genetic stripe ball morph pastel hypo mojave ball morph
Love the orange in this super pastel pinstripe
This super pastel clown is progressing nicely.
This adult paradox super pastel ivory is amazing.
Pastel genetic stripes are attractive snakes.
Very attractive hypo pastel mojave
pastel ivory ball morph pastel mojave pinstripe ball morph pastel sugar ball morph pewter ball morph ball morph
Love the yellow stripe on this pastel ivory
This is a pastel mojave pinstripe ball.
This pastel sugar is one of the nicest balls I have seen.
I haven't seen a better pewter than this!
Super pastel sugar mojave and spider compared.