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Darwin Carpet Python
Carpet Python (Morelia spilota variegata)

About: Darwin carpet pythons have become available to keepers in the US. Reaching lengths of 6-7 ft, these carpets have a beautiful pattern with tan and black bands interspersed with orange and yellow. They are similar in appearance to the Irian Jaya carpet python, but may be differentiated by a blockier head and other more numerous bands.

Range: As their name implies, the Darwin carpet can be found in the vicinity of the city of Darwin. They range throughout the top end of the Northern Territory, over to the northern corner of Western Australia and to the east in the Lawn Hill area of QLD. Darwin carpet pythons have also been observed in the Iron Range of Queensland, so it is difficult to say if the range extends to that area or if the appearance is inherent in the Morelia spilota complex background.

Habitat: These pythons are commonly found in densely populated areas and are commonly found in homes in the city of Darwin. They are more infrequently found in eucalypt forests throughout their range. Like other carpet pythons, they inhabit trees and areas of sandstone.

Natural History Notes: These snakes were found to spend around 70% of their time in trees and will utilize the same trees over time. They spend little time on the ground, and when found outside of resting areas will usually have recently eaten.

Prey species of juveniles include amphibians and reptiles, which changes to mammals as they reach larger sizes. The plentiful rodents associated with human habitation provide an abundance of prey. In addition, the Bush-tailed possum has also been introduced into the Darwin area, and the pythons have also adapted to utilize this prey species. With abundant prey, the snakes may reach lengths up to 10 ft.

General Notes: The albino mutation has been produced in the Darwin carpet python and we are working with a heterozygous pair. We also have an unrelated pair of normal Darwins to round out the collection. This is a rewarding species to work with, and despite the resemblance to the more common Irian Jaya carpet python, this subspecies is quite unique in behavior and looks.
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Darwin carpet
Close up of a male Darwin carpet

Het albino female,

Male Darwin carpet python
Wild Darwin
Wild individual found in a horse paddock just outside of Darwin
Darwin female
Female Darwin carpet python