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Eastern Stimson's Pythons
Eastern Stimson's Pythons (Antaresia stimsoni orientalis)
About: Eastern Stimson's (A. s. orientalis) was a subspecies proposed by Smith (1985). This subspecies was split off from the western Stimson's (A. s. stimsoni) based on scale count differences and appearance. Many modern scientists do not recognize subspecies and as such these subspecies have been left out of more recent genetic analysis (ie Rawlings et al, 2007).

These pythons are found in almost every state in Australia, with a wide range covering much of the vast interior of the country. This subspecies borders A. childreni in the north, A. maculosa in the east and A. stimsoni stimsoni in the west.

Habitat: As with the western subspecies, these snakes are closely associated with rocky outcrops throughout their range. They are definitely a desert-adapted snake, being widespread through many deserts in the interior fo Australia. 

Natural History Notes: A nice study on this subspecies was performed in the MacDonnell Ranges in the vicinity of Alice Springs, which gave a nice insight into the natural history of this species (McDonald, 2011). They are generally found close to rocky outcrops, commonly utilizing this habitat type. They will overwinter in rocks at the top of the gorges throughout the MacDonnell Ranges, and decend into the gorges during the spring to feed and obtain water. Males and females will be found more commonly at different times of the year, with males more commonly encountered in the spring.

They utilize seasonally abundant food sources such as frogs in the spring. Research by Bedford showed that this species is very efficient in their energy requirements and an adult Stimson's python needs approximately 20 (20 g) mice per year to perform normal metabolic functions. Like other Antaresia species, Stimson's pythons may be reluctant to take rodent prey as hatchlings, but once they accept the first mammalian meal they are generally switched and do not look back.

We are fortunate to be working with some very nice eastern Stimson's pythons that have been selectively bred over a few generations from stock originating from the Barker lineage. It is our goal to continue to refine this line to produce visually appealing animals. We have also acquired additional stock that will add diversity to our available bloodlines. A few genetic morphs have been produced, mostly in Australia, including pied, reduced pattern and potentially an albino.
Eastern Stimson's python range

                    Stimson's Python
  Eastern Stimson's python female

Eastern Stimson's
Very nice male eastern Stimson's python male

Eastern Stimson's
  Amazing female eastern Stimson's python
Eastern Stimson's Python
A. stimsoni orientalis habitat in Serpentine Gorge, MacDonnell ranges
Eastern Stimson's Python
Male breeder eastern Stimson's python 
Eastern Stimson's Python
MacDonnell Ranges locality at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre
Eastern Stimson's Python
Our largest female eastern Stimson's python on eggs