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Inland Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota metcalfei)
About: The inland carpet python is a smaller member of the Morelia spilota complex, reaching a length around 4-5 ft (120-150 cm). This snake is boldly patterned with dark bands on a grey-blue background. Pictures do this carpet no justice, and you really must see one to appreciate the subtle coloration of these animals. They are also very docile and even wild adults will rarely strike.

Range: Also known as the Murray Darling, or MD, carpet, they are found through the Murray Darling basin throughout much of the interior of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and northwest Victoria.

Habitat: The habitat of the inland carpet python is disappearing at an alarming rate, and inlands are now found only in patches of habitat through their range. They are most commonly found associated with trees and rocky outcrops.

Natural History Notes: Inland carpets come from a land of extremes. The temperatures throughout their range is very hot in the summer months and can dip below freezing during cooler periods. This makes them very tough and tolerant of keeper error.

They utilize larger trees throughout their range that are found along seasonal watercourses. They have also been found in the rafters of buildings near suitable habitat, likely drawn in by rodents that are usually associated with human habitation. They will also make use of rock outcrops, especially during the cooler months. They will also feed on the introduced rabbits that occur in their range, and tracked inland carpets have been found to follow rabbit populations.

They are generally spring breeders and pairings occur as the temperature warms up. In captivity, we have received eggs as early as May. In the wild, they will utilize the burrows of mammals where the females incubate the eggs for approximately two months. Similar to other carpets, hatchlings start out dull and color up as they age.

General Notes: Their calm demeanor, hardy nature, and beauty will surely rank the inland carpet python as the best pet carpet python. They make interesting and rewarding captives.

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Inland carpet
AAR line male

Inland Female
Maugg line female,

Inland carpet
AAR line male
Inland carpet python
Suitable habitat for Inland Carpets in South Australia
Inland carpet python
AAR female on eggs