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Irian Jaya/West Paupan Carpet Python (Morelia spilotes spp.)

        OK, so Irian Jaya/West Paupan carpet pythons are not technically Australian, but they are really close.  These are a smaller carpet species that have similar care requirements to Jungle carpets.  Some get nice reds and oranges in their patterns.  We picked up a yearling het granite male at the Anaheim show in Sept '06.  Hopefully we will have possible hets for sale beginning in '07, and possibly granites by '09.  Below are some pictures of the het granite male and a couple female Irians.
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Male het Granite Irian jaya/west paupan carpet python
Kip, het granite Iran jaya carpet python Female IJ/WP carpet python
Female IJ/WP
This het granite male has some awesome colors
Kips colors glow at night with awesome lavender hightlights. This female has a different pattern than typical IJ/WP
Closeup of the female showing off her colors.