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PXP breeders
LILY: A Python Pete line jungle carpet female.  Dam to the PXP jungle babies.  Lily was hatched here at Australian Addiction Reptiles in 2001 and has been perfect ever since.  She is a reliable breeder and has produced offspring every year since 2004.  We hope she has a lot more breeding to go, as her babies usually turn out phenomenally.
JB: This is the sire of the PXP babies, and is one of my favorite snakes.  His striped pattern and velvet black combine in eye-catching beauty.  JB is mellow and a consistent breeder, making him a great snake to have.
SKUNK:  Skunk has one of the most amazing patterns ever.  He has bred since 2006 and is quite the stud. 
STRIPEY:  We are excited to pair this girl up with JB to see if we can refine the stripes in the PXP line.  She has a nice striped pattern and is a great feeder to boot.
FLOWER:  This girl is a perfect match for Skunk and we are very happy to have two striped/speckled jungles and we hope that through pairing Flower with Skunk, we will refine and propogate this look.
IRIS:  Produced by our PXP breeders in '08, this girl is a stunner.  This is a great example of what you want in a jungle.  Lots of nice yellow.  Nice addition to the AAR jungle family.  
OPAL:  This female jungle carpet python was produced by Python Pete line breeders.  She is highly reduced, almost jaguar carpet looking pattern, and has some nice yellow to match.  Unfortunately, Opal died during the 2008 breeding season after laying a clutch of slugs.  Too bad we never got to see what she could produce.  She will be missed.