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Choose the Amount of SnakeBucks
Please read below to see further details and terms of the 2010 AAR SnakeBucks Giveaway.

     AAR SnakeBucks work just like gift certificates, but unlike normal gift certificates, SnakeBucks allow you the chance to double or triple your money towards AAR purchases.  Here is the deal:
     - SnakeBucks are sold in increments of $50.
     - SnakeBucks will be sold beginning today.
     - Each $50 SnakeBuck you purchase equals one entry for the 2010 giveaway.
     - We will do a drawing on July 31st, 2010, so enter today for the following prizes:
              * First Prize- Triple your SnakeBucks (up to $750 value after tripling)
            ** Second Prize- Double your SnakeBucks (up to $500 after doubling)
          *** Third Prize- $100 in AAR SnakeBucks.
     - Please read the detailed description below ("Fine Print") for more information.
     - As an added BONUS, if we have more than 7 of any specific type and gender of animals, you automatically get double your SnakeBucks towards the purchase of that animal (up to $500 after doubling)!
     - Purchase of SnakeBucks will serve as a deposit for hatchlings.
     - Earlier purchase of SnakeBucks will give you priority on waiting list for animals in the egg.

     Your SnakeBucks will NEVER expire!  Use them this year, next year, or in 5 years.
     To purchase SnakeBucks, click on the "Buy Now" button below or at the top of the page.
Scroll down to see a list of all clutches currently hatched or incubating
to see what your SnakeBucks can be used for

Choose the Amount of SnakeBucks
Fine Print: 
- When you purchase SnakeBucks, please provide a full name, email address, and specific animals you are interested in so we can contact you with information on animals that you have expressed interest in.
- Once SnakeBucks are purchased, AAR will send an email, confirming your purchase with a unique identification number.  You will also be kept on a duplicate list at AAR, so we can track the purchase and use of SnakeBucks.
- Limit to first prize is $750 after tripling, second prize $500 after doubling, and $100 in credit for third prize.  How the prizes work, if you buy $50 worth of SnakeBucks (1 SnakeBuck) and you win first prize, you get a final value of $150 (triple what you bought) worth of SnakeBucks towards the purchase of your choice.  If you purchase $250 (5 SnakeBucks) and win first prize (you would have 5 chances to win too), your final value would be $750 towards your purchase.  For second prize, purchasing $50 (1 SnakeBuck) would give you a final value of $100, or $500 if you purchse $250 (5 SnakeBucks).  Third prize would be 2 SnakeBucks (worth $100 towards the purchase of your choice).  Buying more SnakeBucks gives you more chances to win the prizes.  Winners will be selected at random to select first, second, and third prizes.
- No moneys that were paid for SnakeBucks will be reimbursed for any reason, but the full value of the SnakeBucks will be redeemable as long as Australian Addiction Reptiles is in business (we aren't going anywhere).
- You may double your SnakeBucks, up to $500 value after doubling, only when an animal is purchased when there are 7 or more of the same species/subspecies and gender.  Once some of the animals are sold and there are less than 7, you will not be able to double your SnakeBucks this way.  Preference for purchase of animals that are susceptible to SnakeBucks doubling will be offered to those on the waiting list (who have purchased one or more SnakeBucks) and thereafter on a first come first serve basis.
- SnakeBucks may be redeemed at any time, but if SnakeBucks are redeemed before the drawing, any winnings would go towards a purchase after the drawing and would be minus the original SnakeBucks purchase.  For example, if you entered with $250 in SnakeBucks and used that toward the purchase of an animal prior to the drawing, and then won first prize, you would have $500 towards the purchase of a second animal(s).
- If you are using SnakeBucks to hold an animal, the remainder must be paid within a month once the snakes are ready to go, or they will be put up for sale generally.

The following clutches are currently hatched or are in the incubator:
- Zebra Jungle Carpet Pythons - Angolan Pythons (2 clutches)
- Womas (2 clutches)
- 100% Het Black-Eyed Childrens Pythons
- Coastal Jaguar Carpet Pythons
- Diamond Jungle Jaguar Carpet Pythons
- Centralian Pythons (Het Stripe)
- Mojave Bumblebee X Pastel Ball Pythons
- Lesser Platinum X Normal Ball Pythons
- Piebald X Het Pied Ball Pythons
- Spider X Interesting Female Ball Pythons - Crested Geckos
- Rough Knob-tails (Nephrurus amyae)
- Smooth Knob-tails (Nephrurus levis levis)

The following clutches are expected:
- Mojave Bumblebee X Piebald Ball Pythons
- Lesser Spider Ball Pythons
- Luecistic Ball Pythons (Mojo X Lesser)
- Spider Mojave Ball Pythons
- Albino and 100% Het Albino Desert Kingsnakes
- Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes (Madera Canyon)
- Grey Banded Kingsnakes (Juno Rd, Christmas)
- Bay of LA Rosy Boas
- Black-Headed Monitors (tristis tristis)
- Banded Knob-Tail Geckos
- Prickly Knob-tails (Nephrurus asper)

The following clutches may potentially happen in 2010:
- Green Tree Pythons
- Granite and Poss Het Granite IJ Carpet Pythons
- Patternless Spotted Pythons
- Tiger Jaguars