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Western Stimson's Pythons
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  Western Stimson's Pythons (Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni)
The large-blotched, or Stimson's python covers a large range across Australia, comprising two subspecies; an eastern Australian form (A. s. orientalis) and a Western form (A. s. stimsoni).  Our Western Stimson's pythons were imported from Europe in 2011. The Western Stimson's pythons are areguably the nicest Antaresia. The pattern usually consists of red blotches on a light background. The western form is endemic to Western Australia, although it is difficult to delineate where A. s. stimsoni ends and A. s. orientalis begins, but the look of the western subspecies is very distinctive. Stimson's pythons are fairly easy to get started on mice as babies and the adults are calm and easy to work with. These are definitely one of the prize projects of the AAR collection.
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Western Stimson's python female
Western Stimson's python male
Female Western Stimson's Python
Amazing pattern on this subspecies!