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Western Stimson's Pythons
Western Stimson's Python (Anteresia stimsoni stimsoni)
About: Western Stimson's pythons are endemic to Western Australia. These were split off as a subspecies by Smith. They are a boldly-patterned snake that typically have larger red blotches on a light colored background, giving them the alternative name of large-blotched pythons. These pattern elements make them one of the most attractive pythons.

Range: These snakes occupy the majority of Western Australia, including an extensive inland and coastal range. The appearance of individuals can be variable through their range. The eastern edge of the range of A. stimsoni stimsoni is around the Canning Stock Route area of WA, but it is difficult to say as the lack of roads in that area preclude many individuals being found on the transition zone (Brian Bush, personal communication).

Habitat: These snakes are closely associated with rocky outcrops throughout their range. They have disappeared through part of their range due to human encroachment, especially in the wheatbelt region where they are restricted to a small area of suitable habitat. They are commonly found in the Pilbara and are nicely adapted to life on the stony red soil and spinifex-dominated habitat.

Natural History Notes: These amazing little pythons are adapted to life in the harsh deserts of the Australian interior. They are one of the more commonly encountered pythons through much of their habitat, although they have become locally rare in some areas. My wife Heidi and I found a few western Stims in the Pilbara on a trip to WA. My friend Trent helped us find a wheatbelt Stimson's, one of the most desired looks in herpetoculture. Unfortunately, much of the suitable habitat for these awesome snakes in the wheatbelt region of WA has been destroyed by illegal and unscrupulous collection by poachers. This is unfortunate, as the area these pythons are found in is very unique and beautiful. Hopefully, sufficient numbers of nice specimens can be produced in captivity to satisfy the demands to preclude this behavior.

We are fortunate to be working with some very nice western Stimson's pythons, which were imported from Europe. This subspecies has identical care to the eastern Stimson's and the rest of the Antaresia complex. They are robust captives and do very well in captivity, and with much of this genus are easily bred.
Western Stimson's python range

Western Stimson's Python
  Western Stimson's python, A line

Western Stimson's Python
Western Stimson's python, B line

Western Stimson's
  Western Stimson's python, C line
                    Stimsons Python
Juvenile western Stimson's python, A line
Western Stimsons Python
Juvenile western Stimson's python, B line
Western Stimsons python
A. stimsoni stimsoni habitat in the Pilbara, WA
Western Stimsons Python
Wild Wheatbelt western Stimson's python 
Western Stimson's Python
Big Pilbara western Stimson's python, Karijini NP
Western Stimson's Python
Amazing wild western Stimson's python