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Centralian Pythons
Centralian Pythons (Morelia bredli)
The first picture of a centralian python I remember seeing was the bredli on a redrock cliff overlooking a valley in central Australia.  This image really impressed me and I thought someday I have to get one of those pythons.  That was long before they were available to the average hobbiest.  Now, thanks mainly to Casey Lazik, they are now available, and I finally got my dream snake.  These impressive pythons are beautiful.  Their colors vary with temperature and perhaps mood or cycle, and they can range from a brick red/brownish color to a vibrant orange/red snake in the course of the day.  Sometimes I just go into the herp room and stare at my breeders and am always newly impressed with their beauty.  They grow slightly larger than a jungle carpet python, are active during the day, are one of the most hardy pythons, never refusing a meal, are puppy-dog tame, and have a beautiful pattern to boot; what more could anyone want in a snake?!  They come from the arid interior of Australia and are therfore fairly tolerant of hot dry conditions, as well as cold nights.  They are definately one of my favorite snakes.  Here is a caresheet we threw together to help improve others success with this python-Bredli care page.
Bredli rule!
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Olga, '02 female
Uluru, '02 female Simpson, '02 male Gibber, '02 striped male

Random photos

Here is Olga outside.  Nice orange color under natural light.
Striped male bredli "Gibber"
Simpson resting on his "naturalistic" rock shelf
Another outdoor shot of Olga
Profile shot of female centralian
Male outdoor head shot
Uluru Photo shoot.  She is looking great.
Uluru exploring, much to the dismay of the local bird-life