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Jungle carpet pythons
Jungle Carpet Python (Morelia spilotes cheynei)

About: Jungle carpet pythons are a rainforest adapted carpet that are known for their brilliant coloration. While most wild-type specimens are a muddy yellow or brown and black banded python, some may have amazing yellow bands with a black background. This allows them to blend in nicely with the dappled light of the forest floor. Captive bred specimens in the US have been selectively bred for their vibrant yellow coloration, making them very popular with keepers. They are often known for their smaller size, although captive specimens generally attain a length around 6-7 ft.

Range: Jungles have a limited range in northern Queensland. Their range corresponds with the river systems that drain the tablelands. They are found in association with the remaining patches of rainforest that have not been cleared for agriculture.

Habitat: Jungle carpet pythons, as their name implies, are not found far from the jungles within their habitat. They are commonly found in densely forested areas within their range.

Natural History Notes: Despite being one of the more popular carpet, they are one of the least studied forms. Lyall Naylor, a park ranger in northern Queensland, has noticed a steady decline in jungle carpet python numbers associated with an increase in visitors to the area.

The lines between jungle carpets and the sympatric coastal carpet python (M. s. mcdowelli) is ill-defined, and these two forms overlap in northern Queensland. Preliminary studies have shown that there is little genetic difference between the two and it is likely that the jungle carpet is a rainforest variant, while the coastal form is suited for more open scrub forests.

The diet of adult wild jungle carpets include various mammals, while juveniles tend to feed primarily on skinks and other small lizards. Interestingly, they were not found to feed on non-native rats, while they did take native rats, as captive individuals are generally opposed to feeding on brown rats.

General Notes: The zebra is a morph of the jungle carpet python and is passed in an incomplete dominant manner (co-dom) with a patternless super. We have worked with this morph and refined it over several generations. More information on their care and breeding can be found on the Jungle Carpet Python care page.


AAR line zebra male, Lion

Highlighter female,

AAR Striped line female
Jungle habitat in northern Queensland (note the Boyds forest dragon)
Python Pete line striped male, JB  
Tinaroo jungle
Wild specimen from near Lake Tinaroo, QLD
Jungle female
Python Pete line female, Lily