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Time flies when you are having fun!  We have had lots of breeding activity in the last few months, and have clutches that have been laid and many more on the way.  Keep your eyes out for hatchlings in the near future.  We have added a waiting list form for you to reserve all '06 animals.  There is no down payment required to get on the list.  There is also no gurantee that you will get animals that you are on the waiting list, as we may or may not produce enough to meet the demand.  We will contact you in the order that you were put on the list.

We can't stop buying cool new projects, and have paid for a pair of tiger coastals, and will receive them Saturday.  It will be awesome to get some tigers, and we can't wait for the day when we start producing tiger jags with Napoleon.  The coastal page will be updated once they get here and we can get a photo shoot.  Exciting times!  We definately need to settle down on buying new projects until we get some of the ones we already have going strong.  There is one more huge potential project that may be coming up soon (we sure hope), but I will spare the details until it is worked out for sure.  It sure would be the best thing to happen to AAR!

I put up some more pictures on the jungle page, including some shots of Skunk and a new female, Flower, as well as the coastal page with a shot of our breeder female coastal.  I am slowly photographing all of Bensons animals, so they should all be up before too long.  We are in the process of forming an LLC, so soon we will be an official business and can have the additional fun of taxes and such. 

We are waiting on a bunch of female ball pythons to lay eggs, so spiders, mojaves, pastels, pieds, and maybe a bumblebee (if we are lucky) are on the way.  It will definately be awesome to have babies hatching out again, and this will definately be our biggest year to date.  I have also seen the bredli breeding a few more times, so I really hope there will be some centralian python hatchlings this year.  It would be really nice if both pairs went, but I will also take one clutch.  The bredli pairs have stopped eating, and when a centralian stops eating, it is a good sign that something is going on, because in my experience, they have never refused a meal.  They are such great bullet-proof snakes.  This is the best hobby!  There is just something about having baby pythons hatch out that puts a big smile on my face.  Well, exciting times are here, so keep checking back for more updates.  Get on the list if you haven't already, or you may be too late.  GET ADDICTED!

I can't believe it has been so long since I have updated.  I have a lot of cool experiments going on at work, and hope to have some new publications soon on antiviral treatment of some different viruses in some models I developed.  Publish or perish!  We are also excited for the birth of our 4th child, who will be born on 2/20.  My buddy, Pete, put up some cool pictures of some backpacking trips that we went on back in the day.  I can't believe how young we all look.  Check out his liquid desert website.  He has some awesome pictures of some great places.

    Well, we sent off our payment and are officially vendors at the NRBC in Anaheim, CA this fall.  We are excited for this show, and hope to meet many people we have corresponded with over the internet.  As of now, we have not decided on any other herp shows, but with the potential offspring for this year, we may be up for a couple more.  We are also looking to wholesale some of our animals, so if you are interested in some lot purchases of some quality pythons, contact us in the summer.

    Breeding season is going as well as could be hoped!  Our jungle carpets have been breeding well, and a couple are about to lay any day now.  We should have a great selection of some awesome carpets from Skunk, Deb, JB, and Lilly.  We also broke a little taboo and bred one of our coastal females with Skunk as well after seeing all the cool coastal jungle crosses from '05.  They are genetically identical anyway, so it's technically not a cross at all, except maybe a locality type cross, but that's a different discussion all together.

AAR JCP Breeding
Breeding jungles in '05-06.  JB and Lilly in first picture with Lily in the inset.  Aster and Flax headshots in the second photo and a breeding shot (from today) in the inset.

    The ball python projects are going very well, and we are excited for all the potential offspring for this year.  Our spider male has been breeding up a storm, and we have him with 7 different females.  We give him feeding breaks every week, and then it is back to business.  We breed in groups, with one or two males with 3-5 females, depending on cage size.  This insures that females will be bred when they are ready, so increases chances for success.  Our best case scenario would be one or two males in a large cage with 5 to 8 big females.  Our male mojave has gotten into the spirit of the season and has started his breeding career.  I sure can't wait to see his awesome offspring.  Our male pied is a bit shy with the ladies, so we are giving his het father another year.  The pastel male is doing fantastic with the females we have paired him with, and we have seen copulation with the spider female.  Bumblebees would really make a nice addition to our program, don't you think?  I sure hope that happens, but it won't if she keeps on being a fussy feeder. 

ball python breeding in 05-06
Top left: male spider breeding normal female; top right: Male mojave with normal female; bottom left: het pieds, and bottom right: male pastel with female spider.

    This should be our best season yet, not to mention childrens pythons and knob-tailed geckos.  We are looking to pick up a couple new projects this year, including womas, centralian knob-tailed geckos, and maybe a few other surprises.  There is a nice ballance between too many projects and too few.  We are trying to find that fine line, so as hobbyists, we can have a nice diverse collection to offer you the best captive bred herps, as well as a manageable size to allow us to care for all our animals properly.  Ben is looking to get a new house and herp facility, so that will be nice to have 2 large herp rooms to accomodate our growing collection and the subsequent offspring that will result.  I am excited for the future, and have great hopes for '06.  Best of luck to all of you with your projects for this season!  GET ADDICTED!

I have added some photos to the bredli, bredli care, and the spider and piebald ball python pages.  I like to keep current content if time permits so you can see how the adults from each of our projects look.  This ensures you will see representative images from each of our animals to better gage the potential quality of the animals we sell.  We also can take pictures of any animals you are interested in, just let us know and give a little time and we can get additional images on different backgrounds or different lighting, etc.  We just want you to feel good about the animals you are getting from us.  We also strive to keep our collection manageable to be able to know each animal, so you can know all the pertinent information for the animals that you have questions about.  We just want to have and sell the best there is.

    Breeding season is in full swing, and we have observed copulation from the jungle carpets (PXP pair), jungle X coastal, and some of the ball python projects.  The centralians have been cooled and are hanging out together a lot, so we hope this will be the first year of bredli production at AAR.  Cross your fingers for us.  Our male spider is up to around 700 g and should be breeding any day now.  The female spider has decided she wants to eat again, and is chowing down on rats as fast as we can give them to her, so there is hope that she may breed this season as well, and we might get a few bumblebees or something else from her.  So many fun things to consider.  Our male pied is also growing like a champ and is past 350 g.  He may be ready for the season and for 3 or 4 het and poss het females.  Hopefully he'll be a stud like his daddy.  I am very excited for this year of herp production, and it looks like it will definately be our best year yet.  We should do a couple shows this year, so hopefully we can meet some more of you.  We hope to get a booth at the Anaheim show if production is good. 

    Well, our '05 holdback jungles are growing up fast and looking better and better with each shed.  I try to put updated photos on the jungle page.  I think I will definately keep 3 females to add to the colony, but who knows.  I will probably be selling 4 or 5 in the next couple months, so contact me if you are interested.  I may even sell them before then, so if you have contacted me already, e-mail again, and we'll work something out.  I also have 8 knobtails from '05 that are growing well, and should be some really nice looking adults.  I will begin to sell them as they become sexable, and will have unrelated pairs available.  I may keep one depending on the gender.  Napoleon, our jag male, is also doing well and growing quickly.  He should be ready for a few females in a year, and he changes with each shed.  I am excited to see how he'll turn out.  So many cool things happening, and we are definately excited for this season.

    On a negative note, our breeder rodent colonies are not going so well.  We set up some auto watering systems, and the valves keep plugging up and flooding the bins.  We have lost more rodents in the last couple months than I have in the last 5 years.  We have increased our number of rat breeders, so hopefully we'll have a huge supply of rats soon.  Most of our adult breeders are slowing way down in their rodent consumption, which is a nice time to feed up the '05 holdbacks and such.  I guess everything can't go without a hitch, and I would rather have problems with the rodents than with the snakes.  If you have any tips to avoid flooding of rodent bins, shoot us an e-mail to help us out.  Well, hope all of you are having a merry Christmas and a happy new year.  GET ADDICTED!

Well, this week was better than Christmas.  We were able to get a male mojave that is breeding size.  We hope to get some babies out of him this season!  He is awesome!  Definately check him out on our new Mojave ball page.  We also recently aquired a Red Jag carpet python and are excited to add another morph, this time an Australian version.  He is sweet and is growing quickly.  We hope to breed him in '06 or '07 and get some awesome jag projects started.  Along with the mojave, we got 4 more female pastels, and 10 big normal girls to hook up with all the male morphs we have.  Thanks to Cory Henschen for the awesome female pastels, Prehistoric Pets (and especially Lee) for the male mojave, Andre at ASF for a nice big female and some awesome pastels, and Wayne for the huge normal girls.   We are excited for next season for all the new projects, and also the ongoing projects.  Even with all the new ball morphs and other projects, we will also strive to produce the best jungles, childrens, and knob-tails as we always have. 

    Last week I also had the last of the knob-tail eggs hatch out, so we should have some unrelated sexed pairs available in the spring.  The eggs had been through some temperature swings as well as some pressure changes and mold problems, but they all hatched and are vigorous hatchlings with the typical baby knob attitude.  We will also be offering a select few of the jungle holdbacks, as we can't keep all of them.  Inquire if you are interested, and we can put you on the list.  This is the exciting time of setting breeders together.  I have observed breeding activity from a few of the pythons, and it will be a full year of babies.  I sure love this hobby!  As always, GET ADDICTED!

After a hectic month of building and moving, we are in a new house, and the herps are in a new facility.  I built a nice large herp room and plan to add an incubator and rodent room in the future.  It is so nice having them in a separate building in the house.  It was also fun to do a little construction (this was my first attempt at construction) and I am glad things worked as well as they did.  My plans worked out like they were planned which was a surprise, it was just a little more expensive than I thought it would be.  I found out I lived down the road from a fellow python breeder, Wayne, so that was an added bonus of the new neighborhood.  He was selling off some of his breeder stock, so we got 6 awesome adult females from him.  Our spider and pastel male better appreciate all these new girls and hopefully we will get a few clutches from both of them.  I built a new rack for the ball pythons as well.  Busy month, but fun stuff going on.  I added some pictures of the pieds as well as pictures of my trip to Death Hollow.

    We are sold out of just about everything.  We offered the female pied for sale once, but I am not sure I want to sell her.  She feeds too well.  I think we will hold onto her over the winter to see how she grows, and possibly offer her for sale in the spring.  If she doesn't sell, then oh well, we will keep her and produce some spider het pieds or something.  Double morphs are cool, so she will definately be a keeper if no one snatches her first.  All of the available jungles are sold.  I may sell a few more in the spring, and they should have some awesome colors, so if you are interested, get on a waiting list for holdback jungles.  I will probably keep 2 or 3 of the 7 or 8 that I have, so I should have a few for sale.  There are still some knob eggs left, but I don't have too much hope that they will hatch.  They just look ugly. 

    Thanks to all of you who bought animals from us this year.  It is nice to have your business and trust.  We strive to help you all out as much as we can, so don't hesitate to ask us any advice for the animals you got from us.  We look forward to improving our shipping and ordering service online, and also plan to attend a show or two in '06.  This will also give us a chance to meet the people who buy our animals, rather than just meeting over the internet or phone.  It's always nice to chat snakes, but it is even better in person over the course of a weekend at a herp show.  Well, I hope you all survive the winter and have a great breeding season.  Keep us updated on how your animals develop.  GET ADDICTED!

We got PIEDS!  1.1 hatched out of 3 eggs.  The other egg is a male poss het, but has belly marker for pied.  We will keep the male back to breed to the poss het females that we have as well as to the het female to produce a few more pieds in the next couple years.  Hopefully he is a stud like his dad, and will grow quick and breed this season.  There are few morphs that are so visably awesome as a pied, and it is a really sweet day having our own.  Can't wait to hatch out more.  The two we produced have great patterns.  The female will be up for sale once she has started feeding well, and will be a key componant in your pied projects.  With the lavender albino pied, and the pastel pied hatching out this season, I think pieds will be a sound investment.  It is looking like designer morphs are the way to go with ball pythons, and female morphs are becoming more important to have.  We will keep a few back next season for sure.  I wish our dang female spider would eat a little better.  She is holding out like a stubborn little donkey and I hope she'll change her mind soon.  Our male pastel is rearing to make some bumblebees.  Our new female pastel is growing like a champ, and should be ready in the next couple years.  It is nice to sit back and enjoy what you have, rather than spending too much energy worrying about what you want to produce down the road.  I like my animals, and would be fine if this was all I ever had.

Just got back from the ultimate backpacking trip to Death Hollow in Southern Utah by Escalante (and Lake Powell).  It is my favorite place to backpack, so it was nice to get back out there.  I went with my dad and our insurance agent.  We started out in the mountains and desended a few thousand feet to the desert as we packed 30 miles from beginning to end over 4 days.  after the first 11 miles, you are continually swimming through a series of pools that you drop into from chockstones above.  We had to float our packs across, and I was lucky enough to be the guinea pig who would test the depth and length of the pools, and would shuttle the pack floatation back and forth.  I am a swimmer, so that wasn't too big a deal.  It was nice to have wetsuits and neoprene socks, as the pools were pretty chilly.  We saw a few gopher snakes and garter snakes, as well as a myriad of fence, sagebrush, and sideblotched lizards.  Not too many herps, but the scenery was unbeatable.  I'll put together a full page report with pictures in the near future, so you can see how cool this place is.

We are about sold out of jungles, and the holdbacks are getting better and better with each shed.  We have a few coastals left as well as some knob hatchlings, so check out the available page.  The knobs are hatching out of the woodwork, so inquire about quantity discounts.  Our female ball pythons are eating well, and will be pumped up for the breeding season.   Hopefully we'll be up to our eyeballs in spiders and pastels next year, as well as pieds.   Benson also got some new blood python females, so we will hopefully be adding some blood projects to the site.  It's hard when there are so many cool animals and we can't have them all.  I am really looking forward to adding some womas and centralian knob-tail geckos soon, but it looks like I'll be waiting until next year.  It will be nice to be in our new facility at the end of the month, and I am excited to have increased space to expand.  As always, this hobby rocks, so GET ADDICTED!

  I have updated the available page with individual pictures of the jungles for sale as well as individual knob-tails.  These won't last too much longer, and have been selling well.  The coastals that Ben produced have almost sold out as well, so get one today if you are interested.  We appreciate all the business we have received, and thank those who have bought some of our animals this season.  We are sure you will be pleased with how they turn out.  Keep us posted on their progress, and best of luck with your projects.  The het to het pied eggs still look good, and I can't wait to see what hatches out of them.  I hope I get a little of the luck that Ralph Davis has had with his double het recessive balls (Lavender albino pied and albino genetic stripes). 

    We have also bought a new house, which has a nice detached shop, that is insulated and ready to be my new herp facility. Can't wait to get set up there!  I can also expand my feeder colony, now that they won't be a part of our house (much to my wife's relief).   This means new projects can be started with more room, and I can build in some permanant caging.  It should be an upgrade for all the animals as well as myself.  I'll post some pictures, once I get it up and running. 

First off, we got eggs from our het pied to het pied breeding!  We couldn't be happier.  It was only a 4 egg clutch, but she is young, so we'll take what we can get.  She looks healthy and none the worse for the wear.  It was getting so late that we thought that she wouldn't go this year, but what a pleasant surprise it was to see her coiled around a clutch of eggs.  I sure hope to see some white in a couple months.  That's always the longest wait.  Well, the Python Pete lineage hatchlings are feeding ravenously and are ready to go.  Get yours quickly before they are gone.  I am also offering quantity discounts that should knock a good amout off the price if you purchase more than one.  Yeah, a few are really high priced, but those are the ones I want to keep.  If someone wants to buy them, then they'll have to pay those prices >:).  We have also had some knob-tails hatch out, which are also eating well and ready to go.  If you are looking to add some smooth knobs, you've come to the right place.  I love this time of year, and it is always exciting to see the next generation of hatchlings come along.  E-mail for more information or pictures of any of our hatchlings. 

    We also picked up a female pastel ball python to add to our growing colony.  She'll make a great addition.  She eats like a horse, and should grow quickly.  We look forward to getting her together with our spider male in a few years.  The ball python market is a fun area with so many genetic variants popping up all over.  It makes it hard to not buy more animals.  We are having fun with the projects that we have now, and look forward to producing a few more morphs next year.

    Our new hatchling rack is working like a charm.  I think that is the reason our hatchlings are feeding so well and looking great.  It's always fun to build your own racks, and I enjoy building all my cages.  It allows me to have more control over the design and how they are set up so I can give my animals the best possible living conditions and choices to meet their needs.  That is the first step to breeding any reptile is to first meet it's needs and second worry about breeding them.  If their needs aren't met, and the cage conditions are subpar, then you will get subpar results.  You need to have a fluidity to your keeping techniques and adapt to the needs of the animals in your care. 

The second clutch of jungles from our awesome Python Pete pair (JB and Lilly) is mostly out.  They look great, but a little different from last years hatchlings from the same pair.  I have been thinking about that, and wondered how pattern can vary so much from year to year.  Last year the babies all had reduced black with some really nice striping on some.  This year, they look a little different, but some still have reduced black, while others have solid jet black like JB.  I wonder how much incubation temps play a role in pattern and how that all works.  I know that suboptimal incubation can result in strange pattern variation, and I think that may have played a role last years clutch, as I was trying to incubate 6 clutches in a stupid hovabator.  Hovabators aren't all bad, but if you have multiple clutches, forget it!  Our new incubator has resulted in 100% hatch rate, and made it far less stressful.  If I would have known it was that easy, I would have built one years ago.

    More new morphs are around now.  It looks like Ralph Davis is sure hatching out some cool stuff with his lessers and butters.  I think I will have to add one or the other to the collection before too long.  There is just so much cool stuff going on there.  That lesser spider produced by NERD was totally cool as well!  Can't wait to get going on some spider crosses.  I still like the bumblebee the most.  There is just something about high yellow and black contrast.  I hope our female spider gets back into high eating mode.  She has been a bit reluctant.  Our male spider is doing well and growing quickly, making up for lost time I guess.  We also plan on picking up a nice pastel female this year from Andre at ASF, so that will give us another oportunity for some cool crosses.  Next year should be our breakout year with the ball morphs.  I thought this year would at least get us a pied, but I don't think that that female het is going to go.  There is still a slim chance, but next year she'll be completely ready.  We will also have a few poss hets up to size as well, so there is a good chance we could end up with a few pieds.  There isn't a better morph than the pied for looks.  Can't wait to see one hatch out.  I am also hoping we'll be seeing some cool pied cross morphs this year.  How cool would a mojave, pastel, or a spider X pied cross be?  Hopefully we'll find out soon.

    Well, there is still a slim chance that we could get bredli eggs as well, but that's another unknown.  If so, she will lay in a few weeks, but I am not holding my breath.  That's the nice thing about having a real job now, is that it is more enjoyable when there is no stress associated when a snake doesn't produce in a given year, because I have my steady income, so everything else is just icing on the cake.  I can also hold onto more snakes if I want to see how they color up because I am not strapped for cash like when I was in grad school.  We still have the childrens python eggs in the incubator and they should be hatching in another month or so.  They look great, and should have some nice red and yellow hatchlings.  I'll post some pictures once they hatch.  Well, it was a pretty good year, and I am really happy with the way the jungles look.  Hope everyone else is having fun during the hatching season.  This hobby rocks!

Well, our first clutch of jungles has hatched.  They look awesome for ugly little ducklings.  I love this time of year!  Can't wait till they start coloring up.  I made a new hatchling rack, so I should have tons of room for the hatchlings and can hold onto as many as I want to see how they mature.  The two holdbacks from last year were really nice, so I am anticipating that this clutch should also turn out to be trophies as well.  I updated the available page, and will add to that as things become available. 
Geckos should start hatching a little later this month, and I am excited to see how they will turn out.  I am really anticipating the hatching of our second clutch of jungles (JB and Lily line), which should be phenomenal if they hatch out looking like last years clutch.  The waiting list for those is filling up, so if you are interested, let me know.  Give me a call (Justin's cell: (435) 760-4739) if you are interested in anything on the available page or if you have any questions about any of our herps. 
    There are some awesome new ball morphs hatching out this season that are just spectacular and should ensure the value and excitement of the ball python market for years to come.  The mojave crosses are amazing.  The bananna ball crosses are awesome as well, and they sure make a nice cross with the clown.  Woma ball pythons are finally being crossed with different morphs.  It seems like Keven at NERD worked on the spiders first, and now is crossing this exciting morph.  The lesser platty woma cross is killer!  Can't wait to see what else will come out of the woma ball.

    Well, the summer is off to a great start.  We finally have had some warm weather and it went from cold (even snow fell a few weeks ago) to blasted hot.  Typical Utah weather.  At least the ball pythons have started eating consitantly.  My wife is getting into sugar gliders and I am happy to welcome a new Australian critter, even if it is not a herp.  They are awesome little things, and I can't wait to see them glide.  She should be producing some in the next year or two, so we may have a few available before too long.  I am enjoying my new job, and am excited to set up a couple herps in my new office.  I'm trying to get some new virus models working to work out different ways to treat them.  They sure are hard to kill, but I guess that is job security for me.   Well, hope you all are having a great season and hatching out some cool herps.  Get Addicted!

:  Man, time flies when you are having fun.  I finished my Ph.D. in virology at the end of March.  I also spent a week in Spain at a
conference and even took a dip in the Mediteranian sea, which was just a bit cold.  Once you were numb, the body surfing was all right.  You should have seen the looks I got riding the subway to the beach in my swimming suit and flip-flops.  Apparently the Spanish don't consider that good fasion sense.  I also posted some pictures I took at the zoo in Barcellona, including some awesome pictures of an albino scaleless rattler on the Visits page.  I also got to go camping down in southeastern Utah to Hovenweep and saw some great Hasatsanim (I prefer the name Hasatsanim, which means ancestors, as opposed to anasazi, which means ancient enemy) ruins and some cool herps.  The collard lizards down there glow they are so bright!   It was nice to be in the desert again; slickrock is a necessity for me. 

     It's nice to be done with school finally, and now I'll have even more time to spend with the herps and get some more cool animals.  I started a job at Utah State University working as an associate professor at the first of this month.  We also went to the opening night of Star Wars Episode III, which was pretty awesome.  My friends scored my wife and I a sweet place in line, so we got some pretty great seats.  It was a pretty dark movie, but I thought it was the best of the 3 new Star Wars movies.  Heidi and I also had our 8 year aniversary and hit the Pinback concert in Salt Lake.  They were awesome, although I think I am getting a little too old for GA concerts.  It was hot and sweaty and we were surrounded by a bunch of young kids, but it was fun anyways.  Heidi is the best and I sure don't deserve her.

    I finished my new incubator (pictured to the left).  My dad got me an old freezer that wasn't working.  It is so much nicer than the hovabators that I have been using and wasn't too hard to build.  After gutting the freezer and cleaning it out really well, I wired in a computer fan for air circulation and some heat tape plugged into a Ranco thermostat.  I keep a pan of water at the bottom for humidity and it works like a charm.  I've got a bunch of eggs in there now, and they look awesome.  I hope I can fill it to the gills next year.

    Well, we have clutches in the cooker from our jungles, and 27 eggs should be hatching at the end of the month.   I also have several clutches of knob-tail geckos with more on the way.  The first eggs should hatch at the end of the month, and we may have some nice striped babies as well.  I also got a clutch of childrens python eggs yesterday, so they will also be hatching in a couple months.  We may also have a couple of ball python clutches in the next couple weeks including het pied X het pied and pastel X normal.  I sure hope we can produce a pied or two.  One of my bredli females also appears to be exhibiting gravid behaviour, so hopefully she'll lay later this year as well.  If you are interested in  any of these babies, e-mail me to get on the waiting list (   Our female ball pythons are getting big, and should produce a ton next season.  My partner Ben and I are going down to Jeremy Stone's place to pick up a male spider this month, so we should be producing some awesome spiders next year.  Seeing pictures of Graziani's bumble bee clutch hatching out has made me really anxious to produce some as well, so hopefully we'll have our female spider up to size this winter.  They are just awesome!  This is such a great hobby, and I hope you are having as much fun as I am.  More to come soon!  Get Addicted!

3/18/05:  Sorry for the delay in updates, Feb just kind of flew by.  Well, we have a few gravid jungles that should be laying soon, so it should be a great year for some awesome jungles.  The waiting list for JB/Lilly line is filling up quickly, so if you are interested, let me know.  The other two females should produce some stellar animals as well, so they would not be a bad second choice.  Our ball pythons are ovulating, and we are excited for the morphs that we might get this year.  We anticipate the bredli will start breeding soon, so look for updates.  We have brought the knobtails out of cooling and are feeding them up to get them ready for breeding.  There should be plenty this year including stripes.  I have updated the pastel and spider ball pages with some new pics as well as the jungle page.  Check them out.  Well, work begins soon on our new incubator.  I am making one out of an old freezer to increase our capacity to hold all the eggs that we will have this season.  Stay tuned for more updates.

1/8/05:  Happy New Year!  I hope all of you had a great slide into 2005.  It's nice to start a new year and this should be awesome.  I got a new camera for Christmas, so I am excited to try it out and post some better pictures of our awesome animals.  All of the settings can be manually adjusted, which will allow the true colors of the animals to be captured.  I have messed with it a bit and put some new pictures up on our jungle carpet, ball python, and centralian pages.  The childrens pythons females have been basking inverted and are both looking gravid.  I threw the pastel male in with a large female and hopefully we'll see some breeding activity from them.  It would be nice to get a clutch of pastels this year.  I also have plans to start building an incubator and a hatchling rack to house all of the expected offspring.  The '04 jungle holdbacks are turning out really nice.  One female in particular is growing so fast and has a great pattern and is getting some awesome colors.  A male from a different clutch is also shaping up nicely.  I have included their ontogenic changes and color development on the jungle page.  I really hope we get some bredli eggs this season, and am excited at the prospect of hatching out some nice babies.  I also keep dreaming in pied.  Should be fun, stay tuned and get addicted!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, because the snake got him..... OK, bad attempt at humor.  Anyway, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  I am especially excited for 2005, and it should be a great year for Australian Addiction Reptiles.  I just wanted to thank our customers again for their business and for the updates and photos of the animals they have purchased.  We have nearly sold out for the year, but I do have some animals left, so check the available page if you are looking for some male poss het pieds and knob-tail males. 
    I finally updated the Children's python page and added some more pictures, including hatchling photos to show the diversity of hatchlings from our VPI-line Childrens.  I have also worked on the ball python pages and added new features to the ball python collection pages.  Breeding season is going strong and I have seen breeding behavior in our jungles, childrens pythons, and ball pythons.  The centralians are spring breeders and I am hoping that they go this year for the first time and I can offer these awesome snakes in 2005.  I am also looking to pick up some centralian rough knob-tails and if we have a good breeding season, I can add those and maybe some womas as well. 
Those two species have been on my wish list for too long.  We will also be getting into some more awesome ball python projects.  We will likely be adding mojaves and yellow-bellies this coming year.  We were very excited to hear about Morph King's Mojave to Mojave breeding and the production of a leucistic.  I didn't think it was possible out of a two egg clutch, but they sure nailed the odds on that clutch and we don't have to wait any longer to know.  The yellow-bellies also have lots of cool surprises, and it's fun to think about what will happen next with those.  So, lots of excitement for 2005.  Get Addicted!

12/10/04:  Well, breeding season is in full swing.  Our het pied pair has been breeding on and off for the last couple weeks and I am very excited at the prospect of hatching out some piebalds!  We are also cooling our bredli for breeding, and hope to see some of that take place in the spring.  We have sold out of our childrens and jungle carpet pythons.  There are a few male poss het pied male balls and some male and hatchling knob-tails.  I will probably let the knob-tails grow over the winter to see what gender they are, so we may have a couple young pairs for sale in the spring.  I am very excited about our holdback jungles and can't wait to see the colors they develop.  They are starting to show some promise.  Happy Hollidays!

12/1/04:  We just got back from Thanksgiving break in Omaha, NE.  While we were there we visited the Henry Doorly zoo in Omaha.  It was the coolest zoo I have ever visited.  They had a great collection of Australian herps, so that may have influenced my decision.  The desert dome is the largest indoor desert, and they have gone to great lenghts to have realistic rock outcrops and native plants from 3 different deserts around the world.  Needless to say, the Australian zone was my favorite.  If you get the chance to visit the zoo, go for it.  you won't be dissapointed.  They also have a great aquarium and an indoor rain forest/jungle.  I have posted pictures of the Australian herps they had in the desert dome on my Visits page.  The pictures aren't the best.  I really need a nicer digital than the point and shoot I have now, but these are OK.  Check it out.

11/19/04:  First off, Happy Birthday, Dad!  I updated the available page with some of this years babies.  I appreciate the business of those individuals who have purchased from us recently, and hope to hear how are animals are doing for you down the line.  We may have some additional animals, including other jungle carpets, childrens pythons and knob-tails, so inquire if you are interested.  Breeding season has officially begun for the pythons, and our het pieds are busy at work.  I sure hope to see some pieds hatch out this year!  Our jungles and childrens pythons are also breeding.  The knob-tails are settling in for their winters nap.  I hope to use the cold weather and reduced work in the herp room to update the page more and most importantly get done with my PhD.   Other than that, hope you all have a great holliday season!

10/9/04:  Our male pastel is here, as are pictures of him on the site.  We've also added some new Ball Python Morph pages that can be accessed under Ball Pythons on the Collection page.  They will be refined as I have more time.  Our baby poss het pied are growing like weeds.  We will be letting 4 total males go, so if you are looking for killer poss het pieds (some with marker on belly) that are well on their way to being breeders, then let us know and we will hook you up with some knockouts!  Childrens pythons and jungle carpets are also ready to go.  We also had a couple knob-tails hatch out this week, and they should be ready to go soon.  Get Addicted!

9/10/04:  We picked up our female spider today from Jeremy Stone.  She is awesome!  I put up some pictures of her on the ball python page.  I also added some images I took at Jeremy's facility, and they are on the visits page.  We also have a killer male pastel jungle on the way from ASF and I'll be updating soon with pictures of that guy.  I hear bumblebees buzzing in the future.  Things are going well, and all our snakes have hatched out for the year.  We have held back most of our hatchlings for future breeding projects.  The remaining animals are killer and some are posted on the available page.  Our childrens pythons are eating ravenously and are ready to go, so let me know if you are interested.  The jungles are also taking off and we'll have a few of them for sale as well. Get Addicted!

9/6/04:  Happy Labor day.  A knob-tail gecko hatched out today, so that was a nice surprise.  I have added a visits photo page, so check it out.  It is the same as the one on my old site, but I should be adding photos soon from a recent visit to Jeremy Stones.  I haven't gotten around to making the pictures expandable, but that will happen soon.  All our pythons are eating well and we have 3 or 4 jungle carpets, 6 childrens pythons, and a couple male ball pythons for sale.  Let me know if you are interested in any and we can set you up with some nice pythons.  Knob-tails will begin to be available in the next month or two.  We are picking up a male pastel ball and a female spider ball soon, so stay tuned for some awesome ball python projects at AA Reptiles! 

8/21/04:  We have more possible het ball pythons hatching.  Our latest hatchling is definately a keeper.  That's her photo to the left and
poss het pied female ballpictures don't do her justice.  She has lots of black and is a gold-spotted screamer with a striped belly to boot.  We'll hope to prove her out in a couple years with either a pied male or a het pied male.  The jungles and childrens pythons are growing well, and should be ready to sell soon.  I added a few pictures of some of the available childrens python hatchlings on the available page.  Let us know if you are interested in any of the animals on the availble page and we can reserve them for you.  We also picked up 8 new CH ball python females from Jeremy Stone for our future projects.  We have a few females out on breeding loan, and hope to get some new morphs next season.  I put pictures of 4 of the new gals on the ball python page.  I also added a picture or two on the jungle carpet and knob-tail pages.  This turned out to be a pretty good season, despite some incubator problems.  I found out the hard way that if you are going to have more than one clutch of eggs in a year, then hovabators won't work.  I am currently constructing a new incubator out of a fridge to gear up for next years egg production.  This sure is a great hobby, especially during hatching season!  Get Addicted!

8/16/04:  The Jungle carpet photo and jungle carpet care pages have been updated with some nice photos.  Our Python Pete pairing hatchlings have begun feeding.  I think I will keep them all to see how they will turn out.  The Wasatch Reptile expo was a blast and it was nice to meet some new herpers in Utah.  I brought home a couple new female ball pythons as well as a nice pair of bay of LA rosy boas.  I always have to get new snakes, and I just accept it as part of the addiction.  Not many Australian herps at the show, so no new Australian herp additions.  It's getting closer to knob-tail hatching and they are in full breeding mode.  It will be interesting to see how many we'll get this year.  Well, more updates to follow as I have time.

8/9/04:  Children's Pythons have hatched!  I took the clutch of hatching childrens pythons to the Wasatch Reptile expo and they were a hit for all the passers by.  Hatching days sure are fun.  The show was fun and I came back with more animals than I sold.  Hopefully our last clutch of Ball Pythons will be out soon as well as a few knob-tails.

8/5/04:  Dug up some more knob-tail eggs last night!  The best part of keeping herps is a toss up between digging up eggs and seeing the hatchlings emerge.  It just get's the blood pumping.  We added some caresheets for Jungles, Centralians, Childrens and Knob-tails.  Check them out, and we hope they help you get your projects underway.  We'll spruce them up with some nice photos soon.

8/4/04:  Hatch time is here. We have baby jungle carpets and ball pythonsChildrens pythons and knob-tails are due to hatch in a couple weeks so look for those on the available page in the near future.  I will be attending the Wasatch Reptile Expo in Salt Lake City, UT on the 7th and 8th of August.  I will have some baby jungles and some male knob-tails as well as a mess of cages.  It should be a good time.  Contact us if you are interested in any of the offspring we are producing this year and we can work something out.

6/8/04:  Well, first off, we have revamped the site and simplified it so we can update it more frequently, but on to the important stuff.  Eggs are begginning to hatch!  I peeked in on some baby ball pythons, and almost can't wait to see them out.  Photos soon!  These guys probably won't be available, but we have 2 more clutches on the way soon.  If you are interested in 50% possible het pied ball pythons, then get on the waiting list for the few that will be available.  Check out our new ball python page, complete with photos of our breeder stock.  Jungle carpet pythons from our Python Pete and Unknown bloodlines will be hatching next month, and we are excited to see the paterns and colors that will come out of the insanely colored parents.  To see pictures of our breeders, stop by the jungle carpet page.  The knob-tails are also in breeding mode, so we have been having pairs breeding and should be getting eggs soon.  Watch for baby levis in the near future.